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Blancpain Villeret High-End Swiss Luxury Watches Review

Updated on January 6, 2015

Enlightening Pastime

Blancpain Villeret relies on several basic but effective design principles: purity of style, visual simplicity, and a generally minimalistic aesthetic.

These almost spartan characteristics set the tone for the entire collection, begetting pristine, uncomplicated watches on one end and highly efficient, complex, laboratory-inspired time-keeping instruments on another.

In fact, studying how Villeret develops, adding on elements of complexity – a seconds-hand, a power reserve indicator, a moon phase subdial – makes for a distinct entertaining and enlightening pastime.

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Blancpain Villeret Calendar
Blancpain Villeret Calendar
Blancpain Villeret Calendar

Men's and Women's

Blancpain divides its collections into men's and women's sections, and Villeret is no exception. Yet design differences here are negligible, as the basic universal appearance radiates with elegance that transcends gender. Both gents and ladies models are offered in steel or gold (white and red), while ladies' can also be set with diamonds and offered with similarly adorned bracelets.

Villeret includes one of the brand's most distinguished technological achievements: the ultra-slim case. A complication on its own right, the ultra-slim watch becomes particularly complex as it adds on other complications, demonstrating the brand's technological and engineering prowess. Reducing size and weight is undoubtedly Blancpain's specialty.

Complication and Tradition

The matter-of-fact attitude in which the watchmaker lists its in-house manufactured complications may lead one to believe in the ease of their creation. That would be, of course, an overlook. These complications make up among the most elaborate movement additions and enhancements ever invented for a mechanical watch.

Villeret watches include a tourbillon, a chronograph function(split seconds, single push), perpetual calendar, minute repeater, equation of time, and a GMT indicator. Especially complex timepieces include several of these complications; in fact, combining them into unusual and unexpected design seems to be Blancpain's favorite challenge.

Their unpretentious look makes these watches suitable for casual wearing, and ensures a degree of dressiness regardless of the actual design. This is a visually unassuming collection with a strong, durable core that puts tradition before everything else – and it will suit, we believe, similar personality types.


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