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Blancpain Women's Ladybird Octopus Swiss Luxury Watches Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

The Winds of Vogue

Women Specialites Ladybird and Octopus collections are rooted in design and high fashion. As such they are the most flexible and playful in visual appearance – fashion changes often, and watch designers have to adjust quicker than watchmakers.

There are three principles that guide Ladybird and Octopus: extensive use of color, setting with gemstones of various kinds, and unorthodox dial designs. The latter, combining all three, can be traced in the treatment of the face as additional space for artistic and creative expression.

Blancpain understand that despite high fashion's fast changing winds, there are patterns and steady drafts that will never slacken.

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Blancpain Octopus Ladeis Watch
Blancpain Octopus Ladeis Watch
Blancpain Octopus Ladeis Watch

Blancpain Octopus

Blancpain Octopus (now seems to be out of production, as it appears in older catalogs but not on the live website) includes several variations of tourbillon watches. The tourbillon is positioned on twelve o'clock, essentially forming the head of an octopus; tentacles marked with precious stones spread from the head, creating the appearance of the marine creature – the bezel, encrusted with the same stones completes the composition.

Depending on the stone inlayed – diamonds, sapphires, rubies or emeralds – you can have a green, blue, green or translucent octopus. One unique model uses all kinds of stones, creating a more colorful and festive variation.

Blancpain Ladybird

Ladybird takes a different approach. The leading design element here is color; everything is subjected to it – even the mother-of pearl dials and the diamonds injected here and there, like stars, on them. Light green and bubble-gum pink define the spirit of this collection: giddy, fun and juvenile.

A more serious model substitutes the colored tissue strap with a bracelet, and places rubies symmetrically, at the quarter hour marks. Blancpain gently explore the element of surprise in Ladybird: the diamonds and the rubys are distributed randomly or asymmetrically (in the main line), projecting free spirit and willingness to discover the unexpected.

We believe that in this collection the watchmaker encourages ladies to treat life's surprises – meeting people, discovering places – with a similarly free-spirited attitude.


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