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Blancpain Women's Saint Valentine Jewelry Swiss Watches Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

A Dedicated Collection

In Women's collection Blancpain sharply change the focus from function to style. Several directions offer differing stylistic visions, suitable for a range of tastes in fashion, company and pastime.

Even such movement complications as a flyback chronograph, a moon phase indicator or a complete calendar play only a secondary role; instead, precious materials, gems and metals, geometric motifs, color and artistic consideration take precedence. The result is nothing like Blancpain have made in other collections with the sole exception of Women's Specialites.

The main difference from the Specialties consists of a more systematic development – as befits a dedicated collection.

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Blancpain Ladies Watch
Blancpain Ladies Watch
Blancpain Ladies Watch

Colors, Gemstones

Most Blancpain Women watches keep the quintessential ultra-slim case, and include one or two complications. This provides a minimal depth of movement variety, leaving the rest to design. Three main directions make emphasis on either color, numerals or gemstones, the still evolving Saint Valentine line presenting the latter.

More elaborate models combine precious stones with an according color scheme and numerals size, producing intricately designed jewelry timepieces. Colors vary from burgundy, black, honey-brown and deep blue to softer pink and off-white. Oversized and stylized Arabic indexes allow for effortless legibility, while the calendar variation include both roman and Arabic numerals – for the same purpose.

Saint Valentine

The highlight of Blancpain Women's Collection is the Saint Valentine line. Though not as colorful as some other models, it projects its own unique character by the clear enamel or iridescent mother-of-pearl dials.

Moreover, to signify Saint Valentine's day, large rubies cut as hearts were inlaid into the faces (in the 2007 collection), or, conversely, small rubies were arranged to form a big heart at six o'clock (in the 2008 collection), delineating the seconds subdial. 2008 Saint Valentine features hollowed, cone-shaped hands to underscore the impression of grace and finesse.

Though when compared to such traditional brands as Vacheron Constantin or Audemars Piguet, Blancpain may not stand out as trend-setters when it comes to design, the Women's Collection more than holds its own, and indeed stands on equal terms with the most fashionable and design-conscious watchmakers.


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