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Blazing Hair Color Ideas

Updated on July 28, 2012

Most women love to be the cynosure of all eyes in official environment or fashion parties. Obviously, what they wear is of importance but what is equally important is how their air stands. Those with natural glowing locks are blessed; those who don’t have that magic generally tend to paint the town red with hair color ideas.

Hair is your crowning glory and you would natural like it shining and standing out. The basal brunette, black or blonde becomes boring after a certain time. Thus, the experimentation with hair color becomes imperative. Those with thicker locks tilt towards darker hues while those who are deficient usually truss light. There are a variety of dark hair color ideas at your behest.

Some Dark Hair Color Ideas

If you wish to delve into psychedelic blue or purple, or just fluorescent black; a dash of pomade never harms. Just remember to go through the motions according to layering. If you have thick layers, going for Balayage is a brilliant innovation. Here, your roots will have lighter tone than the tips and it brings out a hallucinating effect. You can opt for various styles pertaining to the time frame for which you would like your hair to stay that way. The same goes for blonde hair color ideas.

How To Make Your Hair Color Permanent?

Making hair color permanent may elicit a number of visits to the salon. You have to deal with ‘special effects’ style that stays for almost a month. It involves a lot of staining and your hair starts losing its texture. Thus, you have to incorporate only natural colors that may be washed easily. It also requires a lot of bleaching. Remember to shampoo and condition your hair.

Considerations For Cool Hair Color Ideas

Apart from shampooing and conditioning; you also have to keep your hair well–cared. Don’t tend to use curling irons at back and call. Rinse your hair well before conditioning and refrain from using extensions or chemical reagents that will seep sweat and destroy the locks in time. Go for cool hair color ideas only after considering your hair style, texture and your attitude. You may not be able to carry an Archie head if you are too conservative. Apply toners to ward off the root effect and neutralize too much luster with contrasting tones; say orange with violet.

Temporary Funky Hair Color Ideas

If you wish to carry the look and locks for just a party or event, you may apply Manic Panic or Punky styles. These don’t require much staining and can be easily bleached off. These lose their affinity pretty quickly; say a week or two, and thus your original color comes on. You may go for typical funky hair color ideas like a dash of beetroot, suave chocolate brown or dirt green. Of course, these hair colors will need suitable accessories, neckpieces and attires. You need to wash your hair every alternative day. Also cater to particular brands; don’t switch loyalty or it may hurt.


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