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Blemish Skin

Updated on October 17, 2014

The best acne treatments

The best acne treatments are those which help in disinfecting and restoring the natural pH balance of the skin. Often antibiotics for acne treatment are prescribed along with some over the counter skin creams. Some people have given a thumbs up to skin creams containing benzoyl peroxide to treat acne blemishes. It is also advisable to increase the intake of Vitamin A to cure these blemishes.

Oily skin with a shine and visibly enlarged pores

Oily skin with a shine and visibly enlarged pores is mostly an inherited genetic predisposition. This condition can also be triggered by hormones during puberty and in most cases subside in adulthood. Oily, blemish skin types need a consistent natural treatment plan because the skin is prone to blemishes and even adult cystic blemish. Remember that even oily skin can become dehydrated due to harsh skin care products formulated specifically for oily skin.

The treatment for getting rid of acne scars varies from person to person.

The treatment for getting rid of acne scars varies from person to person. Therefore, it is important to find the right treatment for your skin type. If you use the wrong product, there are chances that you will ruin your skin all the more, or you might just end up spending money on the product, without any results. Go through this article to get detailed information on the treatment to get rid of acne blemishes

Choosing the right skin care applications

Choosing the right skin care applications from foundation to moisturizers includes the selection of chemical-free products. Too many over-the-counter acne medications contain chemicals to dry out skin blemish problems. Drying the skin only works as a temporary acne treatment, but the blemishes return because the chemicals dry skin cells trying to repair the skin surface. As a result, dead skin tissue remains on the skin to encourage more breakouts. Healthy skin cells need to remain nourished so they can repair and regenerate your skin tissue to avoid the skin problems caused by chemicals. The chemical-free, all-natural products from Eminence Organic Skin Care protect a young person’s skin while promoting skin renewal for a healthy, glowing appearance in the teen years.

Considered an antioxidant super star, Vitamin E

Considered an antioxidant super star, Vitamin E is a potent, soothing ingredient with vital rebuilding properties to aid in the repair of scar tissue with antioxidant, hydrating, and humectant benefits. With D-Alpha Tocopherol, an important oil-soluble antioxidant and free radical scavenger, Vitamin E also has absorbing and moisturizing benefits as well as natural preservative properties because it protects against oxidation. Therapy E Serum is a light serum that glides easily onto skin and absorbs quickly. One of our simple gems that any skin can use.

When washing your skin

When washing your skin, you should use a mild cleanser once in the morning and once at night. Some people tend to scrub their skin to stop outbreaks, but scrubbing can make your skin worse. Remember that it is important that you thoroughly rinse your skin after washing it. Using an astringent is only recommended when you have oily skin, and even then the astringent should only be applied to oily spots. Dermatologists also recommend that you wash your hair regularly if it is oily, because the oil can get on your forehead and face, and lead to breakouts. A non-foaming facial cleanser that penetrates deep into pores while reducing surface bacteria. A unique blend of teas contain anti-oxidants which protect the skin from free radicals and other environmental pollutants.

ClearPores is an entire line of products designed to minimize acne outbreaks. The ClearPores three step acne treatment includes a Deep Wash, Herbal Formula preventative and long acting Fortifying Cream.

By the time you reach 30

By the time you reach 30, signs of skin aging will start to become visible on your face and neck. To help minimize the appearance of these imperfections, you need to prep your skin with skin-brightening cream or gel a week before any big day. Furthermore, it is wise to use two foundations to achieve a perfectly flawless face. Make sure to mix one hue that is a tint lighter and another that is a tint darker than your natural color so that you will be able to achieve your natural complexion.

Skin Smoothing Gel

Skin Smoothing Gel is effective agent against acne , reducing the signs of aging skin, minimizing pores, increasing circulation, and improving the overall appearance of skin . The 10% silky, firming AHA polymer gel penetrates the skin and interacts more precisely with the skin's natural polymers, elastin, and collagen. Collagen and elastin are 30% glycine, so the use of a polymer will more efficiently supply glycolic acid to the area where it will benefit skin the most. Skin Smoothing Gel may also be used alternately or simultaneously with Retinol products to enhance the results.


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