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Blonde Fashion Icons 1920s-1960s

Updated on December 16, 2015

Blonde Stars of the Past

What name really comes to mind when you think of blonde movie stars? For most women that remember them it would be Marilyn Monroe or Jean Harlow. If you have seen any of Jean Harlow's movies you would remember her. Marilyn Monroe also remembered her and some of her style was from her.

Jean Harlow knew how to style herself as a blonde. She always had blonde hair. It was the blondest ever seen. One of the guys told her to stop bleaching her hair like that or she would be sorry. But it was her natural haircolor. Many are saying it was not her natural hair color now on the Internet. However, I have seen it written in several places that she was natural.

They were both women that stood for the essence of being a movie star. It was what they had wanted. They acted the part and were treated that way. To go with it all they needed the clothes. The clothes completed the image that they showed to the world.

Much of the clothing that was seen was on the silver screen. It stood out as being something that was too good to be true. Many people had never seen clothing like that before. It was also accessorized with beautiful jewels. All of the clothes were dreams come true.

To compete with Jean Harlow was Greta Garbo. Greta Garbo was thought by many to be the better dressed. She was thought to be the real fashionable one. She was Swedish and blonde in at least one picture I saw her in. Her hair was supposed to be dark blonde. Jean Harlow had her own style and influenced many women. Some thought her to be going too far.

Another star that was known in her day was Veronica Lake. She was very famous then. Her hair had been a good part of the reason for her being famous. It had beautiful waves in her blonde hair. It gave her a devil may care air. Her clothing was also representing the best and most fashionable that Hollywood had to offer. She had a mysterious air.

Later Grace Kelly came along. She showed everyone a cool blonde type of beauty that was stylish. It was not just the clothes that were great but the way that she wore them as well.

Jean Harlow


Jean Harlow


Jean Harlow Siren of the Silver Screen

She was a star in the 1920s when movies had just started. She was one of the stars that did movies before the code was enforced about what they could do in the movies. Later different things could not be shown on the screen that they considered to be not in good taste.

Her grandfather did not like the idea of her being in Hollywood in fact, at first. Later he went there and changed his mind. He was going to disinherit her.

Jean Harlow was famous for wearing her slinky gowns. Also she became famous for wearing white. There were two movies made about her. One of them starred Carroll Baker.

Jean Harlow began the idea of blonde bombshells. She was different then. She was one of the first blonde movie stars. People have said that she was the first to be a girl next door type. Really she hardly seems to be the girl next door. But you can identify with her.

Jean Harlow Fashion

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo wanted to be alone. She was frequently seen in New York's Central Park and that area after she retired. She was idolized.
Greta Garbo wanted to be alone. She was frequently seen in New York's Central Park and that area after she retired. She was idolized. | Source

Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake was famous for her hair being long and wavy.
Veronica Lake was famous for her hair being long and wavy. | Source

Veronica Lake

Veronica Lake was famous for her hair in the 1940s. There was also something mysterious about her. Her way of acting and cool appealed to many people. Guys liked her and women styled their hair like her.

Later she disappeared from the acting world. She was found later working as a cocktail waitress.

Grace Kelly


Marilyn Monroe

"The Seven Year Itch"
"The Seven Year Itch" | Source

Grace Kelly Elegance

Grace Kelly was known for being a ladylike person. It was something different for Hollywood. She was always perfectly dressed. She set styles in all of her movies with her fashionable wardrobe. She was a symbol of the times that she lived in. Her wardrobe was always very elegant. She also worked for Hitchcock. She was able to convey an aura of mystery for the movies.

Then she went on to marry the prince of Monaco and set styles there. She had to keep up with being a princess. It was something that she did well.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was always glamorous. Her air of being a beautiful girl was always put forward. Many of the clothes that she wore in the movies became famous. Her white dress that she wore in "The Seven Year Itch," became very famous. Her fashion designer on the films helped her put together the iconic looks that people remember.

It was a different type of girl from what people were used to seeing. It was actually a character that she had made up. It was a dumb blonde type of girl that she did. But she was really not that dumb as many people knew.

Whenever Marilyn went out in the public eye she kept up the idea of glamour. Her clothes would be representing the best that there was. She would borrow things from the studio wardrobe. Her own wardrobe had designer outfits that she could wear out also. Pucci was one of the designers that she used. So it was all a modern look.

On her own time, she did not always keep up the same style. Her own wardrobe they said was quite different. But when she was out in public for a special outing her clothes were always special and she was always made up to look her part. It was after all still the big Hollywood era.

Marilyn Monroe left behind a legacy of her work when she died. She had many fans. All of the clothes she wore inspired many people.

Brigitte Bardot and a Neighbor


Brigitte Bardot

Brigitte Bardot became famous in the US for her movies. Part of it was seen as shocking. She had her own style and long, blonde hair that gave her a sensuous look. Her style was also important. Brigitte Bardot was one of the actresses that proclaimed her freedom to do what she wanted to do. A lot of her style had to do with how free she looked. Her hair was always in a disheveled fashion. She was not always dressed up.


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