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Blonde Highlights on Asian Hair

Updated on October 7, 2014
Dramatic blonde highlights
Dramatic blonde highlights | Source

Asian blonde highlights are both beautiful and unexpected. Ky, our guest, has jet-black hair and has chosen her favorite pictures of blonde highlights on Asian hair, modeled by celebrities Jamie Chung, Kelly Hu, Lee Hyori, Tila Tequila, and Susan Aceron.

Ky has chosen these pictures because she has decided she will copy one of the looks. Read along to see what she thinks of each woman's style and see which one she will pick.

Ky is trying to balance a lot of factors in choosing a look she can realistically wear every day.

Ky's Hair Highlighting Goals:

  • Conservative Look: "Although I'm 19, I have to have to do my streaks in a way that will still be acceptable to my parents, since I live with them. Japanese parents are pretty traditional."
  • Cool Look: "I'm trying to strike a balance between a conservative look and something that would still be fun to wear. I'll see if I can really find that."
  • Easy to Maintain: "I want the color done in a way that won't require me to fuss over it or touch it up too often."

Jamie Chung
Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung (above)

"I was thinking about going for Jamie's style because her highlights are kind of sparse on top and ombre blonde on the bottom. I never would have thought about doing ombre before I saw her picture. Unfortunately, all that blonde wouldn't fly with my parents, so it's back to the drawing board. It also would be harder to maintain this style since ombre requires two different processes."

Kelly Hu with Asian Blonde Highlights
Kelly Hu with Asian Blonde Highlights

Kelly Hu (above)

"Kelly's hair is just gorgeous. I can totally see going for this. She has blonde highlights on Asian hair while still appearing conservative. I can totally see going to a party, work, and school looking like this too. I'd only need to get these highlights done every two months, so that would work great."

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Lee Hyori with Blonde Highlights on Asian Hair
Lee Hyori with Blonde Highlights on Asian Hair

Lee Hyori (right)

"Lee has my favorite look of all these women. It's rebellious. The blonde is so obvious. I would love to just have this look right now, but again, I couldn't go home like that. I wouldn't look Asian enough for my parents, and they would think I was out of my mind! Too bad!"

Tila Tequila with Asian Blonde Highlights
Tila Tequila with Asian Blonde Highlights

Tila Tequila (right)

"Tila's pretty much my idol. She's everything I'd love to be. I could get away with these highlights because they are are mostly towards the bottom. That's a great look to wear to class. But I don't think there's quite enough blonde in there for me."

Susan Aceron
Susan Aceron

Susan Aceron (right)

"I like this look because the highlights almost make her hair look all-over lighter. This is one of the classiest ways to pull of Asian blonde highlights, and it kind of reminds me of Kelly Hu's hair. I could probably get these streaks from a box kit because it doesn't look complicated."

What's the Verdict?

"I have to go with Kelly Hu's highlights. They are conservative yet fun, they will meet my parents' approval, and I will still look trendy. In addition, they won't be hard to maintain because I won't have to worry about the roots too much. I can't wait to get my hair done now!"


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