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Blonde Fashion Icons 1970s to Now

Updated on November 1, 2015

Style Icons

Style icons are someone that women or girls look up to as a way of expressing themselves in fashion. They are outstanding in the clothes that they wear and the choices that they make. The girls want to look like them. It is a thrill to see what they are wearing next.

In the case of blondes it is also as showing people the essence of what a blonde is. The woman that is the style icon is looked at as being able to stand for other blonde women. She shows people how women would like to look if they could.

Maybe you cannot afford everything that these women have, but you can probably buy something like it. It just makes you happy to see what they have on. It is just fun to see how they have dressed and what they have chosen to accessorize it with.

Debbie Harry


Debbie Harry

Debbie Harry was a member of a rock band called Blondie in the 70s when it was really in. She is still going strong. In recent years, I have seen a review of her singing that commented on the fact that she could still turn guys on in so many words.

She is someone that would always seem to be true to herself. I always thought of the name Blondie as being her name also. I think that is how others thought it was named also. She is down as being a member of the band Blondie.

When she started out she was wearing clothes she had picked out from the thrift shops. She did have a special stylist that worked for a famous designer. He was putting the clothes together so that they looked like a real fashion statement. Everyone thought the band then was pretty hot.

It was an image of a girl that was free and was doing just what she wanted to do. It was just what the mid seventies needed. Women are still looking at her style to use for picking out different clothes to wear. It is something that is different and fun to wear. She was choosing just what she wanted to wear that day. She was not under the thumb of some big fashion company that was telling her what to wear.

She has been called a Marilyn Monroe type in the past but she is her own person. Having done all that on her own is inspiring to people.

Debbie Harry of Blondie


Farrah Fawcett


Farrah Fawcett

Farrah had the hairstyle look that everyone wanted. When she was on TV in "Charlie's Angels" everyone just about wanted the same hairstyle. The guys liked her and the girls wanted to be like her. It was not a style that was that easy to achieve but the girls would all try to look just the same way.

Years later it was still being used as a guide for how to fix your hair. There are still aftershocks of the style going around.

She was thought of as being, then and now, the perfect California type girl. That is even though she was from Texas.

Stevie Nicks Performing


Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks had very much her own style. She was known for long flowing dresses. She was a great singer and people also noticed her clothes. She had a flower child look then. She still is performing.

She is also inspiring fashion designers. In one of the latest Vogue magazines it mentions that the Valentino dress, a lacey long number, was inspired by the Stevie Nicks look. So it is very much in now. The hemlines are supposed to be coming down. That is at least for some fashion.


Madonna at one of her shows showing off her sense of style.
Madonna at one of her shows showing off her sense of style. | Source


Madonna held people's attention with her fashion choices and sometimes shocked people. She learned early on that a singer needed to also entertain people to be in fashion. She was certainly different. It really inspired a generation of women to express themselves.

Material Girl Corset

Madonna's corset
Madonna's corset | Source

Kate Moss


Model Kate Moss

Kate Moss always looks great when she steps out. The thing about her is that she never looks as if she is trying too hard. It is always her own style that she has put together. They are things that work together and they are different.

She can express herself through the fashion. That is what everyone wants to do is to be able to express themselves. Kate Moss has the face and figure to really show the clothes off. She has been a fashion model for years.

You can just look at her and see why she is a model. She has such good cheekbones and hair. The things that she wears are always pretty and not overpowering. You have your own choices to make.

Charlize Theron

Dior gown
Dior gown | Source

Actress Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has been being watched for years now for her fashion choices. She has gotten very high approval ratings among those in the know in Hollywood. She is known for wearing Dior and Gucci gowns very well.

She always comes out in something that is appropriate and so that she is dressed right for the time. Charlize Theron is picture perfect in every look.

She also has a fun sense of adventure in finding outfits. It is just a storybook look that she has.

Charlize Theron in Ireland


Royal Fashion Icon

Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta
Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta | Source

The Looks

Whoever you like the best, there is probably something from all of the looks that you like or could use for whatever wardrobe needs you have. They are such innovative women. Everything that they have is something that they have carefully put together to look well.

It is just inspiring to see them dressed up. We can all dress in our own way. That is something that we can all learn from these women. Pick out your own looks and make them yours.

Being in love with fashion helps. It is something that can carry you through your life to look well. The looks that they had represented the country that they live or lived in.

If you plan your looks you can be just as good looking as the models and actresses. They have their stylists to help them. With a little thought and planning everyone can look good. Sometimes it is easier not being in the public eye all the time to express yourself.

It can be difficult also being blonde to find the right clothes to wear. These women were all able to find things to make them look good. It is supposed to be difficult in the US since most of the clothing is made with brunettes in mind.

Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen is said to be a standout fashion icon as a model.
Gisele Bundchen is said to be a standout fashion icon as a model. | Source

Carey Mulligan at Great Gatsby Premier

The Great Gatsby premier in Australia
The Great Gatsby premier in Australia | Source

Carey Mulligan

Carey Mulligan is one of the newest fashion icons. She has worn all of the Great Gatsby styles in "The Great Gatsby" movie. She played Daisy, the rich girl that stole Gatsby's heart. The dresses were made especially for the film. They have influenced a lot of the latest fashion.

Fashion does come back again. That is what happened this last time as some of the 1920s influence comes back in a new incarnation of dresses and accessories.

Blonde Fashion Icons

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