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Blue Light Acne Treatment using Acne Lamps

Updated on February 3, 2011

Blue light acne treatment belongs to one of the most modern concepts in acne treatment, which is proven to be a great and effective way of getting rid of acne for almost all age groups such as teens as well as older ones. Acne light therapy is done with the implementation of particular light rays that are emitted from acne lamps that you might have already heard about a lot. If you don’t know about the acne lamp treatment or therapy, then don’t get panic. Please feel free to read the following lines that describes about acne light  treatment and therapies and the use of acne lamps quickly.

So its time for us to have some knowledge on acne light therapy or the so-called blue light acne treatment as pronounced by a lot of people now a days. During the start-up time, it was only in the advanced setup in the clinics of dermatologists who use acne lamps for treating acne with acne lamp. But today’s guys are so fortunate that you can get these portable blue light acne lamps to use at your own comfort of your home.

This portable acne lamp has changed the evolution of acne treatment. FDA has approved the acne lamps to use at home after so much scientific research and similar activities. Actually, the lamp works in the violet light range but it is not at all harmful like ultra violet rays. The next thing that you may think about is all about the price, right? If that’s the case, for your information, this treatment or the acne lamps are available for price between less than 50$ to more than 400$.

Yet another thing about this treatment is that you have to spend only a few minutes once or twice in a week. Just 15 minutes of exposure of your skin towards the acne blue lamp is quite sufficient for the light rays to kill the bacteria responsible for acne. So this is something that you won’t hesitate to perform. Some of the best brand names that you can try or buy if you decide to go for blue light acne treatment or acne light therapy are given below.

Best Brands in Acne Lamps for blue light therapy

NatureBright Clarity Skin Rejuvenation Light

Acne Blue Light Therapy 38 LED Bulb

NatureBright Clarity Skin Rejuvenation Light

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There are a lot of brands available in the market even though this type of acne treatment is new to a lot of people. Anyway, just make sure that you are completely alright to go for acne light therapy or the so-called blue light acne treatment.


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