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Blue Topaz Engagement Rings

Updated on October 9, 2009


As a long term crystal lover and mineral gatherer, I always encourage people to select gemstone jewelry thinking of gemstone's healing and metaphysical properties, and not only of its visual appeal. In the last hub I was discussing the meaning of opal stones. Now I am going to talk about the case jewelry made out of topaz, especially about blue topaz engagement rings and their meaning. I am going to discuss not only how to recognize, select, and care for engagement rings with blue topaz stones, but also I will talk about the physical and spiritual properties of this important crystal and mineral. One can say right at the beginning that in general, you can use blue topaz for peace and balance, to promote these virtues in your life.

Engagement rings and the jewelry industry

Unlike what people usually think, engagement rings, particularly blue topaz rings, are not an antique custom. This tradition is rather new, and it is not clear how it was introduced nearly 200 years ago. To the great satisfaction of the jewelry industry, the custom of wearing engagement rings picked up in a big way. Today, we are seeingĀ  new trends in the jewelry industry which involve moving away from diamond rings in favor of a number of other gemstones like emeralds, rubies sapphires, and, of course, blue topaz.

Blue topaz ring

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Band metal, topaz properties, color and care

Since you will most likely wear your engagement ring for the rest of your life it necessarily should be tough in structure. As far as the circle is concerned, the most long-lasting metal is platinum, but also platinum is twice as expensive as gold. Blue topaz is nicely combined with platinum, sterling silver and gold, but when it comes to engagement rings, gold, or white gold is the most natural choice. Gold, white gold, and silver are also the most popular ring settings for this type of rings. The ring should be at least 14 or even 18 carats, which I prefer.

In general, what one should know when it comes to topaz stones is that they belong to the category of aluminum silicate materials. Their hardness is around 8, of the possible maximal value of 10 which is reserved for the diamonds. This hardness is by no means low, and this means prolonged durability of your blue topaz engagement ring. Topaz crystallizes in beautiful crystal patterns often terminated at both ends. Considering the color, the most famous is the so called imperial topaz, variation which can have a beautiful golden yellow color, but the purest form of topaz is the clean transparent type. Natural blue topaz stones are quite rare and therefore what is offered on the markets are, with great probability, artificially colored specimens produced by irradiation of transparent crystals. Owing to the demand for the blue color, the price of transparent topaz has risen substantially. Nevertheless, the results of the irradiation process can be astonishing, and thus obtained blue topaz stones can have a vast number of hues, from faint light-blue nuances to dark and galvanizing blue tones on the other end of the spectrum.

Despite the relatively large hardness, you should still be careful when manipulating with your blue topaz engagement ring, since it might break or chip owing to the possible imperfections in its structure. Simple daily wear is no problem. Topaz of gem caliber can arrest and cast back light not unlike a finely faceted diamond. If you opt for engagement ring made out of blue topaz, have in mind that the deep and rich nuances of this gemstone might best be matched with some other darker set of gemstones, not with diamonds or zircon stones.

The meaning of blue topaz engagement rings

In metaphysical sense, the engagement rings can be considered a token of love, a symbol of everlasting dedication of two people. To this we can add the topaz crystal meaning - blue topaz is the right stone to encourage leadership, inspire, bring insights and spiritual growth. This is an excellent crystal for self-expression and communication. It enables clear and easy verbalization of our desires and needs. Blue topaz brings emotional balance, creativity and peace. It is able to enhance psychic perception and promotes communication with our spirit guides. The fantastic color of the blue topaz engagement ring inspires our spirit, bringing harmonious connection with our environment and Nature.


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