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Boar Bristle Hair Brushes For Great Looking Hair

Updated on February 21, 2013

A boar bristle brush is a hair brush that's made from a natural product - hogs hair. They're a durable type of hairbrush, long lasting and they're great for fine to medium thickness hair and hair styles.

A boar brush is one of the best for distributing the naturally occurring oils that the scalp produces - the bristles are known for effectively coating the hair from root to tip (where it's most needed) with oils that may otherwise remain closer to the scalp.

They come in a variety of styles - round brushes, oval brushes and the ever popular paddle brush, they're all to be found in professional salons and they're often recommended as a great hair styling tool for home use. The five best boar bristle brushes are featured below - they're all top picks, great value for money and will leave your hair shiny, soft and manageable.

Diane Reinforced Boar Bristle Wave Brush #8159

This is the best selling boar bristle brush - it's a great price, it's highly popular and a top pick for those that haven't owned a boar brush before. It's a solid wooden manufacture with seven rows of good quality bristles, densely packed and just the right length for a good hair and scalp workout!

It feels nice in the hand, lightweight yet sturdy and it's wonderfully good on longer length hair as it does such a great job of distributing natural oils. The brush is bigger than the picture makes it look - 9 inches long so it's not one to drop in your purse. They're an effective tool for those that have dry, sore scalps as they're firm yet gentle and give a good massage. This is a good choice if you've never owned one before - cheap, effective and nice quality.

Spornette Porcupine Rounder Brush

I love Spornette products - they're a good quality manufacture and this one's the best round boar bristle brush on the market. It's a 2" one, the diameter is about right for most hair styles and it's as much as you'll need if you're looking for something that will add lift and volume to your hairstyle.

It's not 100% boar bristle - there's a small blend of nylon porcupine bristles in and among. This doesn't detract from the brushes ability to perform and take good care of your hair - rather it keeps the brush free from snagging and catching. Wooden, one piece construction, it doesn't lose 'hair' and well made in reflection to the price tag.

Mason Pearson Boar Bristle & Nylon Hairbrush

This is the best selling Mason Pearson boar bristle brush - and it's the kind of brush that the rich, famous and high end salons use. For the money (and let's be honest - they're not cheap!) you're getting a top quality product - this is a Ferrari league hair brush.

It's the same size as the first featured product at 9" in total length and the style is similar to a paddle brush. The brush head is cushioned, which makes it perfect for those with medium to thick hair and like the round bristle brush - there's a combination of nylon and boar bristles use. This reduces snapping when used on wet or damp hair - and it doesn't detract from the overall quality. This truly is a premium product - and even if you used it daily - it will still be on your dresser in 20 or 30 years time. Beautifully crafted, lasts forever - the cream of all hair brush manufacturers.

ACE CLUB 100% Boar Bristles Hair Brush (Model: 67661)

This is a 100% boar bristle brush - set onto a one piece plastic head/handle. The bristles are just enough to provide you with a hair brush that works well with a variety of hair lengths and thicknesses, and the manufacture makes it an easy one to clean and maintain.

It's also a nicely packaged product, especially in reflection of the price and it's a good choice if you love to dry your hair straight as the head is a nice wise - wide and fairly flat, so great for guiding hair if using with a hair dryer. The handle's a nice length and gives a good grip - good for when you're just indulging in a good old hair brushing session. Nice brush, pure boar bristles - for less than 10 dollars.

Ambassador Hairbrush, Oval, Oak Handle, 1 Hairbrush

Again this is a medium sized boar bristle brush - just under 9" in lentgh and another that blends both boar and nylon porcupine bristles. It's an oval shaped one and the hogs hair is taken from animals farmed humanly - and sheared much in the same way as with sheep and wool.

It's a wooden handled brush, and a favorite for those with longer hair. Like the other featured products it will require regular cleaning - simply wash it thoroughly with shampoo and cool water at least once a fortnight - or more if you use it on a daily basis. Good for anyone with dry or damaged hair, nicely packaged, good quality.


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