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11 Body Piercing Aftercare Tips

Updated on April 6, 2009

Body Piercing Aftercare

Your new body piercing is absolutly perfect and your so excited to show it off. The excitement and slight numbing pain of your new body art can create a high unlike any other, but do not forget, your body is freaking out at the intrusion of your new little art piece.

Good body piercing aftercare is essential, it's not just helpful, its required. Especially when the fistula hasn't formed yet. Don't wear tight or dirty clothes on your new piercing.Your hands should be kept exceptionally clean and should be disinfected before touching the piercing, after all, hands carry a lot of bacteria. As a rule of thumb, avoid touching your body piercing at all costs except where required during the healing period of Body piercing aftercare.

Navel piercing picture
Navel piercing picture

The Do List Of Body Piercing Aftercare

  1. Remember to clean your hands often. Sometimes we forget what we are doing and accidently play with our piercing. Keeping your hands clean will reduce the odds of spreading bacterial.
  2.  Keep antibacterial lotion with you. When you can't wash your hands, apply a bit of the lotion and rub all over your hands
  3. Wear clean and breathable fabrics around the area of your new piercing. Cotton is more breathable then some other fabrics
  4. Keep your bedding clean to reduce bacteria spreading.
  5. Eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet will promote the body to heal itself faster.
  6. Shower instead of bathing. Baths can allow the dirty water to sit and surround your body piercing. Showers do not give bacterias a chance to sit and act.

Body Piercing Healing Time

* Ear lobe: 6-8 weeks
* Ear cartilage: 4 months - 1 year
* Eyebrow: 6-8 weeks
* Nostril: 2-4 months
* Nasal septum: 6-8 months
* Lip: 2-3 months
* Tongue: 4 weeks
* Nipple: 3-6 months
* Belly Button: 4 months - 1 year
* Male genitalia: 4 weeks - 6 months
* Female genitalia: 4-10 weeks

The Don't List Of Body Piercing Aftercare

  1. Do not remove your piercing during the healing period. Keep your piercing as dry as possible only applying ointments if suggested by your piercing artist. Ointments and creams seem helpful but they can actually restrict the oxygen to the wound created by the piercing and can slow down healing.
  2. Until your piercing wound has fully healed, avoid hanging anything on your new body piercing, also avoid anything that would pull on the body piercing. Try to sleep in a position that will not cause you to put pressure on your body piercing.
  3. Avoid over cleaning of your piercing. Cleaning your body piercing more then reccommended by your piercing artist can slow down healing time. Avoid excessive use of alcohol or hydrogen peroxide, it will kill germs, but it will also kill the good bacteria that helps form scabs and encourage healthy healing of your body piercing. Do not use bandages on your body piercing, it will restrict oxygen to the wound and can increase the risk of causing irritation.
  4. Do not go in public bodies of water such as pools or spas. The water harbors bacteria which can easily infect your wound.
  5. Avoid contact with skin or bodily fluids that are not your own. Kissing and touching can spread bacteria and cause infection.


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    • bodymodist profile image


      7 years ago from Kansas City

      I do this professionally, and I am a stickler for proper after care. This is a very good hub, and if there were to be a list of basics... this is it.


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