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Updated on January 14, 2013

Those Body Rituals

A pastor was kidnapped alongside fifteen others two weeks to his wedding. They boarded a commercial 18 sitter bus from a popular bus stop in Lagos Nigeria. The bus was supposed to be heading to another location within the city of Lagos but ended up in a thick forest, somewhere in Ife, Osun state of Nigeria. All the passengers were hypnotized and so even when they saw the bus moving towards a wrong direction, they could not stop the driver. They felt themselves shouting for help but no one heard them because of the hypnosis.

In the forest they were made to file out naked, heavily guarded and asked to pass under a suspended calabash. If the calabash moved as any of them went through, the person is butchered and the body parts sold to waiting buyers; who came in their expensive cars. All on queue watched as they butchered their co-passengers and even when they knew that the same fate awaited them, they were helpless as they waited for their turn. It was the turn of a very beautiful young lady in front of the pastor and not long after that it will be the pastor’s.

They made the young lady pass under the calabash and it rolled but the witch doctor interrupted her slaughter.

“Stop”, she said, “she is pregnant, cut her open and bring out the fetus first before you kill her”.

The tummy of the lady was flat and except for the powers of the witch doctor, it would have been impossible to know that she was pregnant. They brought out the fetus as directed, pounded it and amazingly there were people waiting for the pudding. The body of the lady was later separated as that of the others before her.

The pastor was dumbfounded watching the treatment meted to the lady before him and suddenly a strange wind began to blow and the pastor started to pray in tongues. This was the first time he opened his mouth since the ordeal began.

The witch doctor tried to stop him and asked, “What are you saying? You think your incantations can work here? Your mother that cooked you will be disappointed today”.

Next in line to pass under the calabash after the pastor was dreadlocked man who was chorusing “amen” to whatever the pastor was saying in his strange tongue. Possibly sensing that he must be a man of God, he pulled his ear rings and handed them over to the pastor as he continued to chorus “amen”.

“Stop”, said the witch doctor, “who are you?”

“I am a pastor”, he replied.

“Ha ha ha”, she laughed, “do you know how many pastors like you that we have butchered and sold their parts in this place? Now pass under that calabash”, she commanded.

Pastor still speaking in tongues, passed under the calabash and it did not roll.

“What, god will punish your mother! Pass him again”, commanded the witch doctor.

Pastor went through again and again the calabash remained motionless. They bathed pastor in the blood collected from the already slain passengers as directed by the witch doctor and made him to pass under the calabash again. The calabash refused to roll and they kept pastor aside and asked the dreadlocked man to pass under the calabash. Amazingly, the calabash refused to roll too.

“And you too? I am sure you do not know the road to any church, pass him again”, commanded the witch doctor.

They passed the dreadlocked man again under the calabash and it did not roll, yet again. They put both the pastor and the dreadlocked man aside and continued the slaughter of the remaining passengers.

Some days later, and after futile efforts by the witch doctor to make the calabash roll over the pastor and the dreadlocked man, she set them free. She told the dreadlocked man to thank the God of the pastor for saving him. She counseled the pastor to keep serving His God as she believes He is different from that of other pastors that they have butchered in the past. All the passengers were slaughtered except the pastor and the dreadlocked man who came out of the body ritual ordeal alive to tell the story.

The pastor in the above story in concluding his testimony counseled believers to spend more time praying especially when things are going well, but do we? Look at the time spent by some of our ladies to make their hair and to dress up for some occasions that does not edify. We need to ask ourselves why we engage in dressing rituals for our outward appearance when our inner man is devoid of relevance, substance and power.

The passengers in the above story were made to go naked under the god or demon of the calabash to be slaughtered.The believer is a spirit man and the body is the original clothing by God. It is only a carnal believer that gives more attention to his physical body than his spirit. He dresses the flesh over and above his spirit man making it powerless and therefore at the mercy of demons and other agents of Satan. He makes his body a giveaway object for the use of the enemy in ways unimaginable.

I have said, ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High. (Psalms 82:6, John 10:34)

Saints are deity as confirmed by the above scripture and the elders would say that “a deity cannot be sacrificed to another deity. Hear me brethren, you are deity and can never be sacrificed to any gods or be an object of ritual sacrifices for money or power as is common today.

A Christian lady who was always in the habit of praying in tongues whenever she was in a commercial vehicle was kidnapped with other passengers in a 14 sitter Volkswagen bus. They were driven into a tick forest as is always the case where the witch doctor was waiting. On arrival, it was noticed that all the passengers except the tongue talking woman was fast asleep.

“Driver, why is that girl not sleeping like the others? Did you not apply the powder as I instructed you?” The witch doctor asked.

“I did sir but the girl refused to sleep but kept speaking a strange language”

“You fool, I warned you not to carry anyone speaking any kind of incantation; you were to drop anyone who refused to sleep”.

The witch doctor tried to come closer to the parked bus to inspect his goods (human beings for slaughter) but fell down. He stood up and tried getting closer again but fell again. He then asked the girl who tongue was talking to alight from the bus.

“Young lady”, he said, “you are free to go, you are not the one we are looking for”.

The lady alighted from the bus and started heading away out of the forest to the direction they came from but the Holy Spirit ordered her back and told her never to leave the forest without all the other passengers.

“You must let everybody go”, the lady said as she sat back in the bus.

“But I cannot get close to the bus while you are still in it”, the witch doctor said helplessly, “I need to sprinkle something on them or they would never wake up”.

Led by the Holy Spirit, the lady permitted the witch doctor to come to the bus and this time he did not fall down but was able to wake the sleeping passengers by blowing a whitish substance over them. Thereafter, the bus driver had to drop all the passengers off; no life was lost to God’s glory.

One of the passengers, from another religion went to his teacher to narrate his ordeal and told him that for the Christian woman he would been dead. His teacher told him that Christians are given some charms to hold by their pastors and the lady must have had it. The man then requested for the particular charm from his teacher but he said he had none. The next Sunday, the man gathered his family and went to the tongue talking lady’s church where he gave this testimony.

And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit. (Ephesians 5:18)

For the umpteenth time brethren and especially if you are baptized (clothed or completely immersed) in the Holy Spirit, you are deity and your body cannot be an object of ritual sacrifices but be careful how much time you devote to those body make-up rituals.


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    • Cute Edge profile image

      Anthony Amalokwu 5 years ago from Nigeria

      This is a wake up call to believers, our body will not be for rituals in Jesus name, Amen!