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Bodycon dresses

Updated on August 19, 2012

It is so fascinating to see how the bodycon dresses has become uber popular in the fashion scene today. Everywhere you look, you see bodycon dresses worn by models, celebrities and even by everyday working women. These bodycon dresses are very tight body hugging dresses that accentuates a real woman’s body. These are short dresses that compliment just about any body type and that is why it has gained such great popularity.

Confident people have no problem wearing bodycon dresses. It takes a lot of courage and self- confidence and positive body image to be able to wear this dress well. Unfortunately, there are many women out there across the globe who loves fashion but do not have the guts to wear this kind of dress. Shyness takes the best of them and deprived them of enjoying the latest fashion. Perhaps they are just so body conscious especially since bodycon dresses follow every beautiful curve the feminine body.

Now, in order to overcome such frustrations, it is wonderful to know how to wear and use bodycon dresses to boost confidence and body image for every woman out there. How does anyone use the bodycon dresss that flatter just about anyone’s body type and look sophisticated?

First and foremost, you have to suck up that courage to try any bodycon dress you can find. You can start out by looking for a particular color that compliments your skin color and check out the material used for the dress. It is important to remember that dark colors like black or dark brown can give that illusion of 1 size smaller than your original size. Satin are usually uncomplimentary unless you use body shaping suit underneath. So, it is best to stay away from bodycon dresses made from satin. Instead, go for those made of spandex material because it can help suck you in, thus giving you that wonderful curvaceous shape.

Secondly, play with the bodycon dresses. It is not necessary that you use the dress as is. You can add some playful accessories like a large necklaces or wide belts that really will make a statement. You can even use stylish blazers or loose-fitted tops to really give it an extra oomph and make your outfit unique.

Thirdly, you have to remember that since bodycon dresses are short and tight, you may not want to use it for everyday outfit. Sure, it can be great for a night out with friends or whatever, but for office and work use you really need to be creative on how to use the bodycon dresses in other ways. You can put on a tight fitted jeans and wide belt and a good stylish mini jacket over your bodycon dresses. Another option is to use a high waisted shorts with your bodycon dresses tucked in and accessorize with beautiful necklaces along with a light cardigan. There are so many ways you can do with bodycon dresses. It just takes creativity and courage to play it up and remember to simply have fun and find that confidence in you!

Where to buy afordable bodycon dresses? I guess in Primark


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    • costdiva profile image

      Carole Washington 3 years ago from Ohio

      Thumbs up! Thanks for writing this article I thought it was interesting because I kind of like body con dresses.