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Bodystockings - Sexy Lingerie - Not Leotards!

Updated on July 11, 2011

Just What Are Bodystockings?

Bodystockings are lingerie accessories that can be used underneath the clothing as well as part of a complete outfit. A bodystocking is also used as a sexy, flirty and erotic tool in the bedroom. This multi-use garment hugs the body, and is usually crafted of a sheer material.

Bodystocking or leotard?

Many people think that a bodystocking is just another term used to describe a leotard. Though bodystockings are made in a similar manner, this is where the resemblance ends.

A bodystocking is thought of as a type of lingerie, while a leotard is most commonly used at a dance or exercise class. The classic bodystocking is generally worn during the winter, and can take the place of stockings, underwear, and a sweater for those who seek warmth in cold weather.

Lace Bodystocking


Bodystockings, Unitards, or Catsuits?

Some will call a bodystocking a unitard. This is a better explanation for what this garment really is. A unitard is similar to a bodystocking in that it is a one-piece garment that has and long legs. A bodystocking can have short or long sleeves, while a unitard usually is styled with long sleeves.

The difference in the two garments is basically that a bodystocking is generally worn underneath the clothing, while a unitard is worn as the sole item of clothing. Catsuits are similar to the bodystocking and unitard. The only difference is the type of material that the garment is made from. Catsuits are generally constructed of leather, PVC, or latex.


Unitards are generally worn by gymnasts, acrobats, and circus performers. The late, great Freddie Mercury of the rock group Queen was famous for his chequered unitards that he wore in concert. Children are familiar with catsuits, as this is the preferred costume of the superhero!

Freddie Mercury in his Unitard

Original 1970 Sears advert for the bodystocking

Bodystockings in History

Bodystockings were first seen around 1971, when retro fashion was at its height. Teamed with slacks, a mini or a maxi skirt, it completed the outfit well. Women loved this look, as they never had to worry about their shirttail hanging out.

Wearing a bodystocking also meant no bumps or bulges from a tucked in shirt or blouse, plus no panty lines. Bodystockings also showed off a well-toned midsection, prompting many to diet and exercise so as to look good in this fashion staple.

It did not take very long for most women to figure out that the use of bodystockings in the bedroom made for an erotic evening with their chosen mate. The fashion industry capitalized on this new discovery, and began to design the bodystocking in a wide array of fabrics, colours, and styles. Imagine sheer bodystockings for the entire body, and you can understand why bodystockings have become one of the top risqué selections for a memorable evening.

Fishnet Bodystocking

Bodystockings and their Variations

Sheer bodystockings and opaque bodystockings fabrics are probably the most popular for making the bodystocking, with fishnet bodystockings fabric a close second. This type of fabric has an open weave shaped like small diamonds. A variation of the fishnet fabric that is commonly used in these bodystocking styles is known as fence net and industrial net.

The diamond shaped weave is much larger in these than in the regular fishnet. There is also another weave known as the spider web. These are fashioned in the pattern of various types of spider webs, and are much sought after.

Fishnet Bodystocking

Lace bodystockings are also very popular with women of all ages. There is a wide variety of different types of lace to choose from, and the peek-a-boo affect is quite sensual. The open crotch bodystockings at first glance seem to be all about erotica, but most women see it as a practicality!

This may sound a bit strange until you think about what must be involved when going to the restroom while wearing bodystockings. The open crotch bodystockings prevent you from having to get completely undressed.

As with other types of erotic lingerie, the plus size ladies have not been left out. Plus size bodystockings are available for these lovelies in every description. While the availability of plus size bodystockings variety may be lacking in your local brick and mortar lingerie shop, you will discover a wealth of them at erotic lingerie shops online.

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Open Crotch Bodystockings


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    • profile image

      steveb 7 years ago

      Bodystockings usually fit all sizes and stretch very easily. Stunning designs of bodystockings have to be included in any lingerie range. Check out

      They sell most types of bodystockings

    • Andybmondeo profile image

      Andybmondeo 7 years ago

      Ethel take it from me nodobdy needs a particular type of body to suit a bodystocking, you should have a look at for sexy lingerie and also they have a fantastic range of bodystockings and there VERY well prices and high quality, really cant say enough about them, you can get from small, one size fits all and plus size !

      that link will take you direct there, hope this helps !

    • Cheeky Girl profile image

      Cassandra Mantis 8 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

      I love these! Makes me wanna go and buy! I know someone who would love me in them.

    • eonsaway profile image

      eonsaway 8 years ago from New Mexico, USA

      Cher had a beautiful black lace one on at her fare-well tour concert in the 90's.

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Never had the right body for such garb even years ago lol