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Boho Chic Style Vest

Updated on March 21, 2015

A Vest Enhances the Look of A Boho Gypsy Style Outfit

The Bohemian chic fashion style is trending again in a big way and many celebrities are being photographed wearing this free spirited style.

The Gypsy, Bohemian, Hippy look is one that has become a classic look that I don't think will ever again be out of style.

The look is colorful and casual, free flowing and free thinking, full of texture and natural elements mixed in with denim, leather and lace.

Fringe Leather Boho Vests

As with any fashion style, accessories are the most important part of enhancing the outfit. They decorate the outfit like the 'icing on the cake'.

Accessories are the key to any outfit. They will make or break the look of any style, however, I think even more so with a Boho chic fashion style because of the layering involved with this look.

A Boho look is all about layering and the layering of the accessories are equally as important as the addition of the accessories. Layering with different textiles, fabrics and jewelry are key to achieving the effortless, free spirited, Gypsy traveler feel of the evolved modern day Boho Chic woman.

Accessories might include vests, kimonos, ponchos, hats, scarves, sandals, boots, lots of bracelets, dangling earrings, necklaces and rings on every finger and toe, if that is what you like, and the whole point is to wear what you like, when you like and not to care what anyone else thinks about what you are wearing.

You are the trend setter. You have the confidence to wear what you like and pull it off with grace. Others will pay attention to your unique style and and attempt to mimic what you are wearing with the hopes of gaining a bit of your confidence.

Natural, earthy elements are all part of the universal consciousness of the free spirited boho girl. Accessorize your outfits by adding on vests embellished with elements of nature such as feathers, beads, seashells and fringe add to the carefree gypsy style.

Wearing vest made of leather, lace. macrame or crochet, with fringe swaying freely from the hems, add feminine, natural appeal and all work together to create a modernized Bohemian fashion style.

In my opinion every girl needs at least one leather fringed vest. A fringe leather vest will enhance the look of a bohemian outfit as well as a biker, a country or cowgirl look too.

Personally, I have four fringe leather vest. I have a black one, a white one, a brown suede and a redone with black inlays. I love wearing vests made of many different materials, besides my fringe leather vests. I like vests made of woven wool fibers by Native Americans to vests made of saris from India.

I think they are great to mix and match with a wide variety of clothing pieces for many different types of outfits.

Imagine Peace


I think the Polyvore image featured directly above is a great example of a Boho Chic summer concert fest outfit using a black fringed leather vest with a tank top and a pair of cutoff jeans.

I like the wide leather belt, the fringe purse, the cowgirl boots and the bracelets, but I’m not too hip to the peace symbol earrings.

Instead, I would go with a pair of beaded Native American fringe earrings (made in America of course) or a pair of hanging feather earrings.

The jury is still out on the studded headband with this Boho Chic outfit. I think it is better suited for a biker outfit, but you are free to wear whatever floats your boat!

I think if I was going to wear the studded headband and studded belt, I would pair them with a black leather motorcycle jacket and a pair of doc martin boots or a pair of studded stempunk stye boots.

Designer Suede Fringe Vests

A lot of runway fashion designers, such as Saint Laurent and Puccini (just to name a few) came up with their own versions of fringed suede vests and waistcoats this year (shown above).

Instead of paying upwards from $4,000 to over $7,000 for a designer fringe vest. I found a high quality, made in America, affordable, fringe suede vest which I like much better than the designer products. I think it has more character and personality plus a prettier Western design

Pair the vest with a white tee shirt and a full Boho maxi skirt for a Boho peasant look; a pair of blue jeans, a cowgirl hat and cowgirl boots for a rodeo look; or wear it with a sleeveless silk blouse and a pair of Puccini printed skinny pants for a Riviera designer Boho chic look like in the photo above.

Women's Spring Bear Fringe Vest by Durango Clothing Co.

I love the look of this soft trendy leather suede vest accented with fringe. It has great lines which will work beautifully this summer or fall.

I think it will be awesome at a summer fest concert with a faded pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but it can also be dressed up.

I would wear it over a romantically feminine crocheted or lace top paired with a beige multi-tiered cotton gauze skirt.

I like the idea of adding a dark brown leather messenger style handbag, a pair of dark brown leather sandals or boots, and a wide dark brown leather belt for a stunning earth tone, natural element Boho Chic outfit.

For jewelry, I would wear pheasant feather earrings, a Native American Indian bone choker and a turquoise squash blossom necklace with amber and brown agate rings.

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Sleeveless Denim Vests

Capture this Moment with a Denim Vest


Denim vests are an essential element in a Shabby Chic Boho wardrobe!

As you can see in this Polyvore photo it looks fabulous when worn with a crochet top and a pair of cutoff jean shorts, but it also looks just as fabulous when paired with a Boho Chic spaghetti strap maxi dress!

Just add a neutral color woven, crochet or macramé handbag, a cute pair of summer sandals, a wide brim floppy hat and a pair of beaded dangling earrings to pull it all together.

What I like to do in order to get the same look as this pair of cutoff shorts is just stitch a few pieces of lace scraps on the front. I have also been known to add lace trim to the hems of cutoffs for another really cute shabby chic Boho look.

Grab a pair of old jeans and split the leg seams from the bottom hem up to the knee. Sew in each leg opening an insert of a wedge shaped piece of lace. Or.... another option is to stitch the lace right on top the leg of an old favorite, perfect fit pair of jeans. So cute and so Boho!

Women's Denim Deconstruction Style Jeweled Sequin Embellished Vest


I really, really love the look of this Jeweled Sequin Embellished Denim Sleeveless Vest! It is so-o-o Boho Shabby Chic Modern!

This fabulous denim glam piece is embellished with faux jewels, pearls, sequins and hanging silver-toned metal chains. It is such an amazing accessory piece which I think can be worn with any Boho attire from cutoff jean shorts to a cute maxi dress.

One way I would wear it is over an asymmetrical tee, paired with skinny jeans and a pair of knee high black leather boots.

It would also look totally amazing worn with a peasant blouse and a long, flowing gauzy Bohemian style skirt. Finish the look with a large brim floppy hat, a fedora hat or a porkpie hat.

DIY Refashioned Denim Vest

Of course you can always save yourself some money and have a lot of fun embellishing a denim vest at home.

Pick up a denim jacket for cheap at a local thrift store and cut off the sleeves, or not, and embellish the jacket with faux rhinestones, pearls, studs, lace and tulle. Watch the videos below for to see how it is done and to get a few ideas to make your own.

Denim Jacket Refashion to Vest

How to Embellish a Denim Jacket Vest

Lace Embellished Denim Vest

This vest is adorable! I love the shabby chic styling with the lace and faux pearls embellishments.

It is so ultra feminine, girly-girl, yet ideal for a Boho outfit. Dress the ensemble down with cutoff jean shorts or dress it up by wearing with a flowy chiffon maxi dress and glam jewelry accessories.

The cutoff sleeves are embellished with flared frilly white ruffles. The vest collar points are studded with two rows of faux pearls and faux rhinestones.

Lace embellishes one of the breast pockets and strands of faux pearls are placed along the ripped shreds on each side of the vest.

Again, you don't have to buy a denim vest. It is easy enough to create one at home. All it takes are a few pieces of lace and some fabric glue.

For the butterfly sleeves, just gather a few strips of tulle net or wide strips of lace and glue them onto the inside shoulder seams of the vest.

The vest could also be bleached prior to decorating to achieve an ombre look, a tie dyed design or a faded distressed look.

I have a bleached white denim vest that I like to wear with a fitted turquoise tank, a pair of white denim boot cut jeans, turquoise Native American Indian jewelry, a turquoise handbag and a pair of aqua cowgirl boots.

Sometimes I wear it with white denim Levi capris and white leather cork wedge sandals.

Denim cut off vest are a a fabulous accessory to wear it with a maxi dress. I would just add a wide belt, a hobo style handbag and flip-flops. The outfits you can create for an effortless Boho chic look are as endless as your own imagination and fashion sense.

Boho Look of Love Denim Vest

See how fabulous a cutoff denim vest can be with a pretty Boho skirt, a tee shirt and the right accessories? Accessories are the key to any outfit and will make or break the look.

The perfect look may achieved with the addition of

  • Chunky jewelry in a bold color
  • A coordinating handbag
  • Flip flops, sandals or boots
  • A hat and scarf

With this peach skirt I would use peach or coral nail polish and look for a handbag with more natural elements such as woven straw or macrame.

Aqua is also a fabulous color to match with peach and a clutch purse in an aqua and peach pattern will look fabulous.

Crochet Boho Vests

Coachella Rock Fest Crochet Vests

TheMogan Women's Embroidered Mesh Crochet Lace Maxi Vest

Check out the awesomeness of this delicately embroidered all-over mesh for a pretty lacey look, maxi length vest.

I would wear it to Coachella and any other summer fest rock concert.

This maxi vest is epic cool and it will look so very awesome this spring and summer worn over a cute tank top and cutoff denim shorts.

I would get a really cute pair of sandals to wear with it and a bunch of bangle bracelets.

It will rock when worn over a pretty floral print dress accessorized with a pair of combat boots like Dr. Martins for total Boho chic look. It will add a ton of fashion style to the layering of any summer Boho outfit

Ladies Bohemian Beaded Crocheted Camel Vest


This Is A Fabulous Crocheted Boho Vest

I love this vest! The earthy camel color is fabulous and the crochet and fringe design is perfect for this summer’s Boho Rock Fest wardrobe!

This vest features a fabric crochet design, embellished with small beadings and a small hook-and-eye closure at the front. The photo doesn’t do it justice, but it is a great summer accessory to wear with anything from a maxi dress to flowing boomer pants.

If I were wearing it with a bright color, I think I would dress it up even more by adding extra beads to the fringe with maybe some feathers in a color to match my outfit. That would add even more awesomeness.

I think it would be totally amazing worn with an ivory tank top and a flowing ivory shirt with ivory bone beads added to the fringe. I would pair it with a dark brown leather messenger bag for a purse, a dark brown hat and dark brown ankle boots or sandals.

Fashion Boho Vests

Fashion Boho Vests from Polyvore


Women's Embroidered Long Beige Lace Vest by A'reve

So romantic and feminine, this sleeveless v-neck lace vest with attached scoop neck top is a beautiful accessory to wear with a long, soft, flowy chiffon skirt for an elegant Boho outfit.

I love it over a pair of skinny, ivory, dupioni raw silk pants with a pair of wedge heel sandals, a wide brim ivory straw hat and a creamy white macramé hand bag with a wood handle.

Wear it over a t-shirt and a pair of leggings for a more casual feminine look.

This beautiful vest is embroidered all over ties at the waist with ribbon. The hem of the vest is accented with a pretty lace trim and a sheer ruffle around the hem.

Glamorous Women's Embroidered Hem Maxi Vest

You will find this vest to be a versatile accessory for many different outfits this summer.

It rocks paired with cut off denim jean shorts and a tank or halter top. Wear it with blue jeans or skinny red Levis and a navy blue top to a 4th of July party.

Wear it paired with a Boho skirt or over a spaghetti strap maxi dress for casual evening out.

Open Asymmetrical Hem Vest by Modern Kiwi

Women's Embroidered V-neck Vest by Orvis

Peach makes you feel like spring and this asymmetrical peach vest can be worn this spring with just about any spring color outfit this summer.

I love the modern lines of this vest and think it will totally rock as a summer wear Boho accessory. It is a well made vest perfect for summer days no matter where you live!

Wear it with a white tee or a dark one; with khaki shorts or a white lace Mexican skirt; a silk blouse or a gauze blouse. The vest is available in 10 different colors giving you lots of options and they are only as limited as your imagination and fashion sense.

Did You Find a Vest You Want to Wear to Summer Rock Fests?

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    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 2 years ago from New York

      Billy, I know right! I remember when our clothes were called hipster clothing. That name has also made a comeback. LOL. BTW. I bet you would look awesome in a vest!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I had to read this just to find out what the title meant. LOL I'm afraid I'm not much of a fashion guru....I'm a jeans a t-shirt kind of guy. Bohemian...isn't that what we called the early coffee-shop beatniks? Nice to see they are making a comeback, at least in spirit. I do love vests. Maybe you've inspired me to head to the local Goodwill. :)

    • Kailua-KonaGirl profile image

      June Parker 3 years ago from New York

      Thanks for stopping by and for the nice comment, Jackie.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 3 years ago from The Beautiful South

      I love vests! They are just so flattering to all figures I think. Thanks for sharing something so interesting!

      Up and sharing!


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