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Bold, feisty clothing for women

Updated on August 5, 2013

Married to the Mob is a female clothing line that offers women a fashionable and feisty selection of hats. Married to the Mob was founded by Leah McSweeney who loved the flashy men’s street styles. She decided it was her time to start a clothing brand for women who wanted style, quality, and androgyny all in one brand. The clothing line was started in McSweeneys apartment and has been thriving ever since then. Her clothes can be spotted on a handful of women everywhere and even celebrities.

Leah McSweeney

Leah McSweeney’s younger years were spent living in New York City. That was until she was thrown out of Convent of the Sacred Heart in eighth grade. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, and Lady Gaga attended there. After her being thrown out of school, her family moved to Connecticut; where when she started running back to NYC because she was afraid of losing her NYC roots. Once McSweeney finished high school, she moved back to New York City and studied fashion at the Fashion Institute of Technology before she decided to drop out.


In 2004, McSweeney was tired of only the guys having the coolest gear and brands. This sparked an idea in her head to make a clothing brand just for women, so they can also have equally cool gear and brands. McSweeney used her settlement money of $75,000 to jump-start her business. The first thing she bought was an Apple computer and painted her apartment walls pink.

Soon after her apartment became headquarters for Married to the Mob. She recruited her sister and her best friend, Tabatha to join her on her journey. Since then the clothing line has grew, and McSweeney’s headquarters are now located in the Empire State Building.


The slogan for the MOB campaign was “Men are the new women.” The slogan was used along with the TV show “Big Shots.”

Kaws, a graffiti artist used Leah’s company as a stepping stone. Kaws designed bikini suits with handprints boldy placed on every guys favorite spot on the girl’s body. There has been a variety of different collaborations that started in 2007. The most recognized ones were with the German accessory house MCM and the Married to the Mob cashmere ‘beanie’ cap.

Leah has a great love and passion over France. This allowed her to meet Fafi, a graffiti artist who designed her 2007 Spring/Summer campaign model. When the French avant-garde boutique Colette on the Reebok lip printed sneakers, they sold out within 23 minutes of launching it. It was one of the fastest selling collaborations. MOB also collaborated with Nike in 2008 and made the ‘dunk’ show. Also in 2008, the MOB girls debut their denim line.

Ladies all over the United States are sporting around the bold, cool, and unique Married to the Mob clothing brand. McSweeney’s brand is defiantly doing exactly what she wanted; giving women the brand of clothes that she always wanted, but never ever could find unless they were a male.


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