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Eight Fashionable Bomber Jackets for Women and Ladies

Updated on March 31, 2013

Amazing Look of 2013 Baseball and Flight Style Bomber Jackets for Ladies

In 2013 the bomber jacket for women fashion is really taking of. Both the lighter baseball style jackets that will be a more common sight when it gets a little warmer as well as the heavier leather flight jacket style will become very popular. For some time the fashion blogs have been flooding with fashionable ladies sporting what was original mostly menswear.

Although this jacket has been made in China the quality of the material (100% lamb) is excellent. Costs have been kept low and the patch pockets have stitching details that have been done well.

On the back of this lamb skin jacket there is a wool contrast that runs until the undersides of the arms. Great pick if you are looking for a high quality fashionable jacket.

The Reason I've put it at the bottom of my list is that there is only one left and I expect to cut it off the article soon. So a deceptively low listing.

If you are going for the urban college ladies jacket this is the perfect choice. It's made of a polyester and wool blend and is very comfortable. Perfect for spring, summer and the start of fall. I fall for retro designs like this every time...

If you read my other articles you know I'm a sucker for the style. But it is very fashionable and I think that's great. You can get the jacket in green or blue as well. I like the black better but if it the blue fits your style better...

Another preppy look but a little bit more dressed up is if you go for a (faux)leather baseball jacket. With a skirt or skinny jeans you will look fabulous. The jacket is also a little bit warmer then the more casual wool blend above. A better pick if you experience something like the New York spring every year.

Perfect baseball jacket for spring and summer 2013. Made out of 100% linen in the USA. A fine quality item that is very much in fashion this season. The simple blue goes perfect on a skinny jeans or on a plaid skirt. Cute jacket that is very flexible and can turn out very girly or pretty tough looking depending on the rest of your outfit.

The white is not for everyone so I've put this beauty relatively far down on my ranking list. This Bebe bomber jacket looks like a cross between a motor jacket and a bomber jacket.

Maybe a little inspired on the move worn by Ryan Gosling in Drive. Made out of 100% leather with a twill lining it's a very sleek jacket that will look gorgeous with the right outfit. It's actually my favorite jacket among these because of the creative design. I think it's a very sexy jacket.

The biggest drawback of this gorgeous jacket is that it's dry cleaning only. This Keneth Cole Bomber Jacket is made out of Polyester , Tencel, Cotton and Polyurethan and so it's not advised to wash it. The mixed materials give it a very fashionable and expensive appearance while it's actually a very affordable jacket. Nonetheless a lot of attention has been paid to the details and it's made very well.

The price tag on this G-star jacket is the biggest drawback. If you can afford it, this is a fabulous pick. The fabric is 100% fine leather. It's made by G-Star, where I was born incidentally, who are known for their quality products and designs. It's long sleeved even it that isn't immediately apparent from the picture. Very much in fashion and very stylish, you can easily wear this to work as well as casual.

1. Original Flight Bomber Jacket

Original Air Force MA1 Flight Jacket in Military style. This is a very authentic jacket that is great as a fashion pick. It's a mens jacket but in the right size it can look great on women as well(it acutally falls a little small on men). You can get it in green, black or blue. It has a cool orange lining and is both very comfortable and will keep you warm through spring, summer and fall. Ths is about as close to the original Bomber Jacket as you can get.



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