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Six Best Bomber Jackets for Men: Various Styles from Leather to Synthetic

Updated on March 28, 2013

Perhaps the biggest fashion trend in 2013 are the bomber jackets for men. They are completely back in style. It all started with the movie Drive that was a huge success in which Ryan Gosling walks around in a white bomber.

The kids on the street picked up on that and a new fashion was born. Just check out tumblr for an impression of what is out there. Now designers have rediscovered the jacket as well and it's going to be big. After all it looks pretty freaking good.

Port Authority Fashion

Port Authority is a fashion favorite for leather jackets. This is a straightforward simple jacket with no firlls but made of a top grain leather. It has a lot of useful and deep pockets, both inside the jacket and outside the jacket, and it is pretty warm. Perfect for New York in the spring or fall although you can wear it the rest of the year as well but in the winter it might be a little cold.

Original Airforce Style

If you want the traditional airforce bomber for men look this is a great jacket. Not an official airforce jacket of course but a great casual pick. It's simpe yet it's very warm and has exactly the style that is very fashionable. The outside is entirely made of Nylon with a poly fiberfill orange lining on the inside of the bomber. The zipper is made of brass which goes to show how much attention is paid to the details. It can very well be worn by girls as well, just pick a small size.

GUESS Baseball Bomber Jacket for Men

When a fashion brand takes on a sports classic the results can be fascinating. Sometimes they are huge failures and sometimes a new classic is born. I love this baseball style bomber with the retro vibe to it. It's causal yet dressed up and classic but creative. It's a two tone jacket with long sleeves in grey. Doesn't have as many pocket space as some of the other jackets. Yet it's very lightweight and looks really good. One of my favorites.

G-Star being from Amsterdam I'm naturally biased to love this design. But I think I can say that I objectively like it a lot. It's not over the top but very casual and down to earth in typical G-Star style but it has something edgy as far as mainstream fashion can be edgy. A practical jacket made for Amsterdam spring (yes it can be quite chilly) and fall that can be worn during summers as well. Unless you live in Spain or something then that's a little hot.

G-Star Bomber Jacket

Another G-star bomber jacket. This one is made from 100% polyester and has a sporty baseball like look to it. I love how casual it is and yet it's very fasionable in 2013. Make sure you get at least one kind of bomber in your wardrobe this year. But you can go for the more dressed up leather versions or the more casual sporty ones.

Satin Baseball Jacket

If you want to go for the real baseball look go with this satin baseball jacket from Augusta Sportswear. It's very authentic, it's soft, shiny and lightweight. And one of the great attractions is that you get a real original baseball jacket at a much more attractive price then any of the fashion interpretations.


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