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Skin Care and Hair Coloring Secrets

Updated on February 19, 2016
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She's a children's author who loves fashion trends from the wellness industry. She enjoys sharing fabulous style tips with you!

The Beauty Book Is a Complete Beauty Reference
The Beauty Book Is a Complete Beauty Reference | Source

Secrets of the Beauty Book

This book vividly demonstrates how based on your skin tone there are certain colors that will flatter you most. If you posses blond or have light brown hair with pale skin, your optimal colors will be cool tones such as slate grays, icy blues, rose-pink, lilacs or pink browns and grayish mascara. Gray will always look better than black. If your skin is warm, your finest colors will be genial browns, shimmer golds, greens, apricot, corals and bronzes.

If you have reddish hair with light-colored skin, your optimal colors are peach, orange, light apricots, terra-cotta browns, and orangey reds with heather pinks.

Delicately Uncover the Beauty That Is Within You.
Delicately Uncover the Beauty That Is Within You. | Source

The Characteristics of Dark and Pale Skin

With dark hair and pale skin, it is superlative to stick with cool grays, ivory, black, rich plum, rose-pink, mauve and crimson reds, to accentuate the strong contrast between your hair and skin tone. If you have overcast hair and warm skin, stick with olive-green, rust, beige, apricots, rusts raisins, orangey reds and chocolate browns to bring out your features. With dark hair and black skin cool colors such as pale pinks, lilacs, cordial brown pinks, bitter chocolate and shimmer shades accentuate the light of your complexioned skin tone and makes it brighter.

Skin texture changes from time to time as you age and your supple skin may become a bit dry when you reach your forties. Helen Foster has a perfect and simple skin care regimen for every skin type using natural ingredients from your kitchen cabinet.

For Oily Skin Try a Clay Mask

The characteristics of oily skin are stretched and oxidation with superfluous oil production. Helen Foster says the best cleansers are light foaming soaps that have the power to break through the glib grime without irritation. Use a clay mask to tighten pores and an oil-free moisturizer. Or you can make your own face mask by mixing ½ cup of strawberries, one egg white, one tsp., of honey and ½ tsp., of lemon juice. Strawberries are a great astringent and help cleanse oily skin without irritation. Leave this homemade mask for ten minutes, and then rinse off.

For Dry Skin Use a Milky Cleanser

The characteristics of dry skin are stiffness, and flaking with a dull tinge. Helen Foster says to choose creamy or milky cleansers that add moisture, such as glycerin based soaps. Never expose your skin to hot water or dry your skin completely. Combine ½ avocado and ¼ cup of honey for a terrific homemade mask, leave on for five minutes and rinse with tepid water.

Shades of Pink Are Awesome on Tan Skin
Shades of Pink Are Awesome on Tan Skin | Source

Scrubbing Oily Skin Increases Oil Production

Combination skin is a tad tricky, however; you can master your uneven skin type and flex it around with her simple tips. Don’t ever scrub your oily areas, because this causes irritation that increases oil production. Avoid a rich moisturizer and leave in hair conditioners. Apply tea tree oil to your nose to cut bacteria and prevent redness. Create a great homemade mask in your kitchen by combining crushed rose petals you soak for five minutes with natural yogurt and one tbsp of honey. Apply this to your skin and leave let it masticate for five minutes, and then rinse with tepid water.

Avoid the Seven Deadly Skin Sins

Helen Foster's Beauty Book gives the optimal guidance for sensitive and maturing skin with the secrets to avoiding the seven deadly skin sins. And of course; you can guess a few, no, nos are alcohol, smoking, and too much sun exposure. The others are:

  • Avoid using bar soap on your face.
  • Do not over exfoliate.
  • Don't under moisturize.
  • Always remove your makeup
  • Don't pick your face to remove pimples.

Helen's book offers a hair analysis for every hair type with the finest hair coloring advice and makeup application tips. She explains the correct usage of the best hair styling equipment, and what to quickly do if your hair is thinning, dry, dull, oily or won’t grow for one cause or another. You can find out how to apply the top five tips for luscious lips and how to redefine your eyes too.

The Beauty Book by Helen Foster is a comprehensive beauty book that is in a class by itself. It contains demonstrative pictures with vivid outlines on how to take the best upkeep of you in an easy to read format with tons of fabulous photographs.

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