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Boot Wedge Heel

Updated on January 1, 2012

Knee High Boot Wedge Heel

Boot wedge heels

The boot wedge heel is a quick and easy solution to most people’s height problems. Making a comeback on the fashion scene, it’s time to welcome once again the revolution that is the boot wedge heel. Only the select few are fortunate enough to be the exact height and be as tall as one would have wished. As a result, high heels give the illusion of being taller and also longer and slimmer legs. However, the one major drawback to high heels is the fact that they are uncomfortable and do not provide the necessary support for even the most basic maneuvers while walking. This is where the boot wedge heel comes in.

The Difference

The difference between normal high heels and boot wedge heels is that the extra wedge provides essential support and stability and eliminates all fear of breaking the thin heel or embarrassing trip overs. There are many different types available to suit any taste. Boot heel buy wedge can give a large variety of colors and materials. An example would be the boot wedge heel calf high or lower ones such as a boot wedge heel feet high. As stated earlier, the many materials to choose from can range from specialized boot wedge heel leather to common leather. As a result, there is no such thing as a top rated boot wedge heel, but the best one would be one that suits your own taste and preference; ultimately one that you feel comfortable in. Other materials can go to extra lengths to obtain such a fur and faux fur.

One of the major worries about high heels is that they do not last very long. However, the boot high heel such as ones from boot nine west can last years with the proper care. The boot platform itself will last as long as it is not worn out from the friction occurring during everyday use. There is no fear of the heel splitting off.

Short Ankle Boot Wedge Heel


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