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Boots That Give You A Lift And A Wedge

Updated on April 10, 2011

Need A Lift In More Ways Than One

There's no doubt about it boots can not only give you a lift in height, but spirit as well. Something about them says HELLO I'M HERE like nothing else. It doesn't matter if your in jeans ready to jump on a horse, in the dead of winter Christmas shopping in New York, or getting ready to go work, there is a boot for every occasion.

From styles like the wearable wedge to cowboy boots, from the oh so comfortable I could sleep in them, to the I don't care they look spectacular, you can take your pick.

Whether you get them on sale for $40.00 or pay $2000.00 they give you character and kind of tell where you are at that moment if someone is interested.

Just take a look at a few and you can see for yourself

And Ladies From Dolce to Miss Me You Gotta Luv Em

Can You Tell The Your Gonna Miss Me From Go Ahead And Kiss Me

If you can't tell the miss me from the go ahead and kiss me, Houston we may have a problem (just kidding) or maybe not.

Boots have been around since before we were riding in cars. I've always said you can tell a lot about a person by the boots they have on.

Some women can just put on a pair of boots with there jeans tucked in them, a few accessories flip their hair around and it says "I got it all and I don't need you to tell me about it," and others "I may have it all but I still might be interested." Then of course the other extreme of "You can take me now but you have to pay me first" sorry, but you know it's true

Men are a whole different ballgame. I've been a horse person most of my life so judging a man by his boots has become a second nature unless they're brand new then it's a little harder to tell, . There's the "I may have on cowboy boots, but I'm a rodeo wanna be", or the "Baby I got it all from front to back and there ain't no 8 second ride around here" and then of course the "I may not be a real cowboy but I got the money to make up for it" just to name a few. Of course you have to be careful sometimes ladies because the boots may have cost them a fortune, but they're worth more than the pick up he drove up in.

It doesn't matter where you come from or what you do a nice pair of boots can either help paint the picture or take you to a complete different fantasy world.

OK let's see if you got any better at this

So Have A Ball They've Got Them For Everbody

Some of those boots are so cute.Remember boots not only tell a lot about a person they are made tough enough for kids 

So if your family is at work or play there is a boot for everyday and every occasion.

I hope you find exactly what your looking for or whatever trips your trigger as my daddy would say.

Make it an incredible day and see ya soon.

You Could Always Make It A Family Affair


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