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Booty Pop! Padded Panties For Men

Updated on October 12, 2009

Men look great in lingerie, but like some women, some men suffer from a flat ass. A flat behind is quite obvious in panties, especially if one is entranced by the idea of looking as feminine as possible, in which case, flatness is something of a let down. Fortunately for guys with little junk in their trunk, there are panties on the market which do the work for you, allowing you to enjoy your trim figure whilst also having a nice rounded butt.

Today I'm taking a look at the Booty Pop range of panties as they can be applied to the manly derriere. They're inherently designed to be worn under clothing, by themselves they're a wee bit obvious (few people have isolated rounded hillocks rising from their butts,) but under clothing, they certainly make your booty pop, if you'll pardon the somewhat ebonic expression, yo.

So what's the deal with the booty pop panties? Well, they come in a fairly wide range of fabrics, styles and cuts. From microfiber hipsters, polyamide boyshorts, to mesh hipsters, booty pop does it all. Let's have a look, shall we?

Mesh Booty Pop

In case you were wondering, no, the pads aren't removable, so unless you like the look of these padded panties as they are, you might want to wear them under something else, like perhaps another pair of panties. The look of the padded panties on their own isn't too heinous however, and unless you're checking your butt out in the mirror constantly, the padded look may not be too awful after all.

Microfiber Hipster Booty Pop

Microfiber leaves me on the fence somewhat. It's akin to cotton in many respects, but it is generally smoother and finer. These microfiber booty pop panties are probably the most subtle of the range, potentially because the bright red distracts the eye from the mounds and gives the whole butt and overall rounded shape.

Boyshort Hipster Booty Pop

These cute panties could stick out above your waistband and look like men's underwear – almost, until onlookers wrestled you to the floor and read the band which, of course says 'booty pop'. At that point, the jig would be up, very few pairs of underwear designed purely for men have any mention of 'booty' on them anywhere.

The Classic Hipster

The booty pop that began all other booty pops. A smooth rounded line from the side view could make for hours of checking your ass out in mirrors, windows and all forms of reflective surfaces. The pretty sweet pink color is a nice touch too.


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    • SatinJenni profile image


      9 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

      Nah..I'll pass on the padded panties. Then again if I was wearing a dress I suppose I may need the shape for a perfect dress shape.


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