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Does this make my butt look big?

Updated on April 22, 2012

Booty Pop Panties on The View

Booty Pop Panties on Live with Regis and Kelly!

Let me try to understand this. First woman complain about their backsides appearing too big. Many a man has gotten in trouble answering the question, "Does this make my butt look big?"

Now there is a product that will make you butt look bigger? And it's selling like hotcakes? Honestly, how is a man suppose to keep up?

If you have a flat backside and want a better bum, Booty Pop Panties may be your saving grace. Now you can say no to costly and expensive Brazilian butt lifts and forget the gym. If you have $19.99 and want a bootylicious bottom you are in luck. You can buy Booty Pop Panties, as well as other underwear that can give you an unbelievable backside.

This is the stuff the celebrities can't do without. It seems big backsides are once again the in thing. Booty Pop Panties are panties that have strategically placed padding so that it lifts your bum, giving you a rounder, fuller bottom. The panties are supposed to be for every woman, regardless of your size, and when worn under your clothes are not visible. The only thing that is visible is a fuller bottom.

So now when a woman asks a man about here butt being bigger, he has to calculate whether or not she is wearing these Panties. The safe, automatic, avoid a fight lie of "no your butt isn't flat", isn't going to work. Now your lady may want to hear "yes!" .

Good Luck gentlemen, our woman have found another way to lead to an argument. As excessive as it is, it may be less painful and stressful to just cut your tongue out and become a mute.


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    • profile image

      Astarr 7 years ago

      So Where Can You Buy It ?!

    • profile image

      padded panties mistress 7 years ago

      yeah women needs padded panties!! specially those women who has no booties at all!