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Botox For Lip Enhancement And Lip Lines

Updated on February 28, 2015

Botox is not just for crows feet and forehead wrinkles, you can have Botox to enhance your lips and remove lip wrinkle lines too! Botox for lips is an advanced use of Botox to enhance thin lips and remove lip wrinkle lines and is a service offered by experienced Botox practitioners.

Here I share my own experience experimenting with this procedure to enhance my thin-lipped smile. There were good results for my smile after having Botox to enhance my lips, but there was also also a few niggly undexpected problems which lasted a few weeks, and were kind of embarrassing, and I'll explain what they were in this article.

Botox Lips

My personal experience having Botox for lip enhancement:

I have always had a thin top lip, which has been more obviously thinner when I smile with an open smile. And I'd recently noticed a few wrinkle lines especially along my top lip, probably "Smokers lines" from years of smoking in the past. So when a friend told me about a relatively new advanced Botox procedure she'd recently tried to enhance her lips, I was so sold on seeing her results and I decided to make an appointment to have the procedure done myself!

My appointment was with a nurse at a cosmetic surgery office. When I attended the appointment I was advised by the nurse doing my procedure that Botox can be painful when it's injected into the lip area, however pain relief wasn't offered. Luckily, I did not find the procedure painful. My lips were cleaned and small injections made along my top lip (each side of the Cupid's Bow and further along my top lip) with the one syringle.

It was a very quick procedure. I could feel a sting as the needle went into my skin, however it was bearable and the needle seemed to be removed quickly with no after-pain at the injection sites at all. I estimate it took about one minute! Nothing compared to the trauma and pain I've experienced having other procedures done like facial electrolysis.

The way that I understood it when it was explained to me by the nurse doing my procedure, was that Botox would make my top lip appear fuller by contracting some of the muscles in the upper lip area, it would slightly pull my top lip up so there was more plump and volume.

I was also told that after the procedure I would probably not be able to 'whistle' or drink through a straw until the effects of the procedure work off (in several months time).

At home after the appointment I could notice the difference in the mirror immediately. My top lip was fuller - particularly when smiling. I no longer had a thin top lip when I smiled,I loved this because it was so natural looking that it wasn't obvious that I'd actually had anything done at all. My lips did not look completely plumped up (like with cosmetic 'fillers' which dramatically increase the lip volume) just slightly fuller, more defined. It looked like a very pleasing result.

Although there was no pain or bruising after having the procedure, in the hours afterwards I encountered a down-side to having it done. White It didn't bother me that I couldn't whistle, and I had been warned that I may not be able to drink from a straw, I soon realised that it was actually difficult for me now to drink from a cup! It felt like I had no control over the middle portion of my upper lip and the area above it. Though it didn't actually FEEL paralized when I was trying to drink from a cup, I just couldn't use all of the usual muscles I must normally use to have a drink.

The same thing also occurred after brushing my teeth when I went to rinse my mouth out after brushing, some liquid would dribble from my mouth or onto the front of my clothes! Hardly attractive! In the days following this procedure these problems persisted and I would have to really 'concentrate' not to spill any fluids when I was drinking or brushing my teeth!

I also initially noticed that my lips sometimes felt more comfortable in some 'unusual' positions when I wasn't smiling. For at least the first week, with a normally closed mouth, it felt comfortable for my top lip to hang rested completely over the top of my bottom lip, not a normal or natural look. I got used to holding my lips together more normally in the next few days and this problem subsided. I also noticed that I was now able to easily pucker up my lips enough that my top lip could now easily join up to my nose, and that I could make an unusual pointy "V" shape with my top lip - Great if you're into pulling faces but not attractive and - I prefer my pre-Botox 'pucker' more as the top lip is more naturally rounded than the Botox pucker.

I definitely found the Botox Lip Enhancement procedure an inexpensive quick-fix for my thin-lipped smile, however the down sides to it (which hopefully no-one ever noticed) - especially not finding it easy to drink from a cup, may actually make me think twice before having the procudure done again. I'm undecided, I guess it depends on how much I end up missing my fuller smile!

Author: StricktlyDating


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