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Botox, Restylane, Juvaderm & Dysport

Updated on October 13, 2012

Botox or Dysport

Most women have heard of botox, restylane, juvaderm and dysport. Their names are on talks shows, news shows, and fashion magazines on a daily basis. We know that they are used to reverse the signs of aging, but how do they differ?

Some celebrities, or models who use these products on a regular basis, actually have a combination of two or three of these at the same time, along with other types of fillers and laser treatments to achieve the desired results.

Botox Jaw Reduction


Botox is the most common and the most well known injectable on the market. But, many people still do not exactly understand what botox does.

Botox is not a filler. Meaning you do not inject it into wrinkles to fill in the crease. Botox is a highly versatile injectable that relaxes muscles which can stop the face from moving around too much while making facial expressions. Less movement of the face can result in less wrinkling of the skin, and an overall calmer and more pleasing expression.

Dysport is the newer version of Botox. They both actually do the exact same thing, but some patients swear that Dysport lasts longer, while others argue that Botox irons out the muscles better. Some patients will get Dysport in the forehead and Botox in the lower face, with the belief that the forehead results will last longer with Dysport and the Botox is injected into the stubborn muscles that they wish to get a more "frozen" and intense result from.

The most common area for Botox to be used is the forehead and in between the eyebrows, however, Botox can be used to soften the chin and make the jaw appear more slender. This works by relaxing the muscles of the jaw resulting in a less fleshy, and narrower jawline.

Because of the relaxing effect that Botox delivers it can also be used to correct asymmetry of the face, and it is even used to lift the breasts. When injected in such a way as to relax the muscles in the chest that hold the breast in position the breast actually lifts up as a result in much the same way as the photo above of the woman with the square jaw. After injecting into her jaw muscle the relaxing takes affect leaving her face looking lifted, and fuller in the cheek and narrower at the jaw.

Botox to the Forehead and Jaw

Along with Restylane in the cheeks
Along with Restylane in the cheeks

Restylane & Botox

Botox and Restylane are a very common combination. Restylane is a filler that is used most often to fill in lines around the eyes, and at the sides of the mouth. It can also be used to give an overall fuller appearance to the face, and enhance cheekbones, as in the photo above.

This lady had Botox to soften her forehead and to narrow her wide jaw, combined with Restylane to fill her cheekbones out. The over all result is similar to a facelift.

Radiesse in Nosolabial Folds & Cheeks

Radiesse and Perlane

The above photo is a fine example of the miracle of Radiesse. This is truly a miricle filler because it is quite thick and gel like on injection, and stiffens up over the next few days. When injected deeply around the cheekbones it seems to become part of the cheekbone and look much more natural than most cheek implants do. When injected less deeply around all the facial areas that atrophy during middle age the result is an overall plumper and more youthful appearance.

This filler is not to be used in the lip area as the chemistry of Radiesse is too bulky and could result in unattractive lumps.

Radiesse works well for advanced wrinkles and folds around the sides of the mouth.

Some physicians do not like using Radiesse and use Perlane instead. Perlane is bulkier than Restylane but not as thick as Radiesse. The reason some doctors do not like this filler is not because of the results, but because of its consistency it can be quite tricky to inject.

Perlane can deliver a nice result for deeper folds and areas that need sculpting, but does not last as long as Radiesse.



Thermage is one of the few non invasive lasers to be marketed to reduce sagging. After a single visit to the dermatologist or plastic surgeon your face literally looks years younger. The days following the procedure will continue to show gradual improvement too.

The only drawback to Thermage is that after lying down during the treatment it can become quite painful and some patents find the pain quite unbearable.


Fraxel does several things at the same time. It slightly tightens the skin, lightens brown spots, improves the appearance of scars, and makes wrinkles less noticeable. As with the Thermage there is no down time.

This procedure does not tighten as well as the Thermage but it is also not painful.


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    • profile image

      Helene P 4 years ago

      Have you heard of a product called "Expression". My sister-in-law had it injected into her lips, smile lines and crows feet. She said it was more affordable than other products.

    • Patriette profile image

      Patriette 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Yes, I was pleasantly surprised about the price differences between Dysport and Botox. Since Dysport is cheaper, I'll stick with it, since both treatments produce the same very effective results.

    • Skarlet profile image

      Skarlet 4 years ago from California

      Thank you Patriette,

      Dysport and Botox are really the same but people often think that the results act a little different. In any case they can both be used for the same corrections. I think that in most cases Dysport is offered at a better price in order to give it more recognition.

      Restylane is great stuff. It has a consistency that is easily injected into just about any part of the face. :)

    • Patriette profile image

      Patriette 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Good information and photos. Personnaly, I am very pleased with the results of Dysport. In the past, I have used Botox between eyebrows with the same good results as Dysport. In the future, I may try one of the other treatments, like Restylane, but only if I feel such treatment is a realistic option for a more youthful, fuller facial appearance. Let's face it, the ravages of aging are inevitable and you can only do so much only for so long. At some point, you are going to look the age you are, and no amount of filler or muscle relaxant is going to change that. For now, I like the softened expression that Botox and Dysport have given me.

      Voting Up, Useful and Interesting.