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Botox For Frown Lines: Less Painful Than Electrolysis!

Updated on January 16, 2017

Botox Removed My Frown Lines Painlessly In One Minute!

Marketing Companies and Advertising Agencies of many brands of moisturisers pitch a great marketing spiel, saying you should buy their Anti-Wrinkle Creams as an 'alternative' to Botox because:

  • Of the dreaded thought of cosmetic procedures
  • It will save the 'drastic action' of having injections
  • It will save the pain of having needles
  • Of the terrible thought of being injected
  • Botox comes from a dangerous Toxin.

And many woman are buying right into their Marketing Plan! Too scared to have their Frown Lines instantly and easily erased - Instead, spending a small fortune on wrinkle creams that may not be any more effective for removing frown lines than if you were applying a little dab from a $2 pot of Vaseline!

So my questions to the Advertising Personnel of these Companies are:

Have you ever tried Electrolysis?

Have you had a Bikini wax?

A Leg Wax?

Even a top lip wax?

And have you seen how quickly and effectively Botox works?

I'm assuming not - because Botox Injections for Frown Lines is NOTHING in comparison to the pain that a woman encounters when she has these beauty procedures done!

The aim of their of marketing ploy is of course to have you regularly spend hundreds of dollars on their products (As your wrinkles continue to run deeper!), to scare women away from the quick fix that Botox is, and to have women forget that they already have many varied and regular painful grooming routines which are time consuming, stressful and expensive. And to have you think that your beauty routine has failed because you haven't yet purchased a $150, 15ml tub of cream containing Homosalate, Octyl Salicylate, Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane and more ingredients which you have no idea what they are.

Their plan is to give woman a glimpse of hope - Some woman want badly to have their frown lines removed but certainly don't like the thought of having to take 'drastic action' by injecting a 'dangerous Toxin' if instead they can purchase a cream which will is marketed do the same thing. Problem is, cream moisturises your skin, it doesn't remove your wrinkles, it doesn't stop the muscles on your face from moving which cause your wrinkles. No matter what the ingredients in the moisturiser are, it is not possible!

Further more, it's suspected that no cream with EVER actually be able to erase Frown Lines like Botox does.

When we think of needles, we often think of Hospitals and illness. From some past experiences we have grown to associate needles with pain, for example from past immunisations, the kind where your arm would hurt for a day or two afterwards. Although many of us are happy to have the Flu Needle Vaccination come wintertime - or endless jabs of the needle for 45 minute sessions at a time over several months with Electrolysis, or wax and pluck - and no-body raises an eyebrow at these! But we've been doing this for years now, and Botox is still relatively new to the 'Non-celebrity' market. And someone who is manufacturing moisuriser does not want you to know there is now a quick and inexpensive way to erase your wrinkles, they want to you keep purchasing their new chemical formulas.

It's true that Botox is a toxin which is injected into you in a small amounts, and because of this you do need to have it injected by a qualified and experienced nurse who works under a Doctor, if it isn't the Doctor himself. But would you have your teeth fixed by someone who's not a Dentist? It just means you make a beauty appointment with someone other than your usual Beautician, it's no big ordeal, in fact it will probably be your quickest beauty appointment ever! You'd be at the Cosmetic Surgeons office for a matter of minutes. You can have your wrinkles removed in your lunch break and still have time to eat your lunch. You'll also be pleasantly surprised to know that the syringle which contains the Botox has the thinnest of needles attached to it, unlike those nasty immunisation needles of years gone bye, it's likely you won't feel much at all. If you do it's just like a pin-prick, and then it's done. The actual process of injecting is not much longer than having a flu shot! Seriously quick and instant results!

Botox has been used for a long time to treat a variety of medical problems but has also been approved for cosmetic use of frown line wrinkles. Just like all the chemical cocktails which are in your Moisturising Cream have been approved for safe use. You're already absorbing chemicals you don't know too much about into your skin regularly.

From my own experience Botox on my frown lines, between my eyebrows and for crows feet, leaves me wrinkle free for about a year. Yours could last more or less than this. Not only are my wrinkles gone when moving in certain facial expressings, such as frowning or smiling, the deep ridges in the skin vanish completely! It takes years off your face instantly because of this. So that even when your face is not in one of those expressions, the lines from where the wrinkles were are no longer there at all!

I use a $2 tub of Sorboline to remove makeup and moisturise at night. I use a 50+ sunscreen as my moisuriser during the day due to my fair skin. Having Botox relieves the need to buy any other expensive beauty produces or regular facials.

So what's it REALLY like to get Botox in your Frown Lines?

My First Time: Although the nurse took time to discuss Botox with me before the procedure, I estimate the actual procedure itself took the nurse about one minute. About the same time that it takes to apply your Moisturiser, or around the same time it takes to get a flu shot.

In my case I never even saw the needle, I was lying down in a recliner chair, the nurse was positioned behind my head. I believe I was injected about six times, tiny amounts from the same needle, not 5 full syringes, I can't be exactly certain because there was so little pain or discomfort and it was over and finnished so quickly. It must have been a very thin needle, I didn't feel the need to clench my fists and my eyes didn't water. Usually I would (Eg: For electrolysis on my face which I've had in the past and detested). I was not given any pain-killers and did not need them - Although I believe I would need them for a leg wax! I dont' have a high pain threshold, it just wasn't painful and was over so quick it was almost unbelieveable. I could probably describe the injection process as feeling similar to someone plucking some of my eyebrow hairs. Then I sat up and was handed a mirror.

My wrinkles were gone - not just the wrinkles when I frowned - but also the unsightly grooves and lines which I thought would still remain across my forehead even after I'd had this procedure - Surprisingly they had all vanished too! Completely! That was so thrilling for me. Apart from this, I walked out of the office not looking or feeling any different than when I'd walked in!

I was told my procedure would last for 3 - 6 months, but It's been almost months now, and I'm still wrinkle free! I have zero frown line ridges, no crows feet and that pesky line I had straight down between my eyebrows has gone. No one asks me if I'm unhappy any more, whereas often at work people would perceive me to be frowning, when I wasn't - it was just the wrinkles on my face.

I paid more to have Botox than I would spend on Wrinkle Creams in six months, because I prefer to wear 50+ Sunscreen on my face (Living in Australia and having fair skin) ... But Botox doesn't cost more than the price of having regular Facials over a six month period. I could skip two hair appointments to cover it!

I'd choose Botox over a facial absolutely any day, now that I've experienced it's seemly magical effects. Personally, I don't undestand why anyone thinks it's dramatic to have Botox, It's quicker and more affective than any beauty appointment. It's instant. You look and feel fresh and younger in one day without having to put in any effort! It's given me more self-confidence in my appearance than any beauty product could!

There's just no need to buy into any scare-tactics from multinational companies who produce anti-wrinkle creams, Botox is undeniably number one when it comes to being the easiest, quickest and most benefitial beauty experiences.

Author: StricktlyDating

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Hi I'm 22 and had botox 2weeks ago in my frown lines, I know I'm young but I frown a lot and get headaches from it! My lines wernt deep but if I frowned they were! When I was led there I was crapping it but it was over before I could even feel a slight scratch! Plus that one area covered forhead so if I try to move it I can't lol I absoloutly love it and would recommend it highly! I'm young and love results so an older women with deep lines will feel amazing xxx

    • DoubtingThomas profile image


      9 years ago

      Hi there,

      Did your wrinkles really disappear before you left the clinic? Mine take a few days... I wonder whether my doctor is using something different?!

    • stricktlydating profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Australia

      Yes, for frown lines it produces an awsome result! And with lightening speed! I will continue to have this treatment.

    • Karen N profile image

      Karen N 

      10 years ago from United States

      I would much rather try botox than a lot of other cosmetic procedures.


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