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Box Braids Hairstyles for Kids with Pictures and Videos

Updated on January 17, 2018

Hairstyles for kids must be versatile, beautiful to look at and involve minimum fuss. For black people like myself, choosing the right style for young girls is not easy especially if she has thick hair and you have little time. Brushing every morning is a no-no.

The box braids hairstyle in my opinion satisfies the time demands of modern life, look great and can be a hundred styles in one with clever styling..It is fascinating to note that box braids are the most common hairstyle for children of African descent.

As you can see, I love box braids. The only challenge I have is how to be creative with the braids. For children, it is tempting to pack their box braids into ponytails each morning and send them off to school.But there is so much more you can do with box braids, which I consider the best possible hairstyle for girls (and women like me)

African Hairstyles - Ghana weaving in front, box braids at the back

This is my hairstyle as I write this.
This is my hairstyle as I write this. | Source

African Hairstyles for Black Children

In this hub, I have put up two videos describing how to style box braids. Some of the styles are more suitable to adult but will get your creative juices going on the best African american hairstyles using box braids, for your daughter.

I also put up tips on making the braids last longer (I keep mine on for a minimum of 8 weeks, and they do not become kitchens or stink bombs).

Note that the hairstyle can be made with or without hair extensions, with natural untreated hair or with relaxed hair. Box braids can be fishtail braided, pony tailed, let loose or even cornrowed

This is box braids simply tied back. It lets the child  play without entering the eyes
This is box braids simply tied back. It lets the child play without entering the eyes

African Childrens Hairstyles

The best braids for natural hair are box braids and cornrows. This way the hair does not get tangled and you do not have to comb and brush everyday.

This picture shows braids with cockscrews at the end. To achieve this look, roll the ends or braid the ends of a bunch of braids then dip in hot water.

Box Braids styles - The music is a bonus

When I was young, I dreaded saturdays. It was my day with the hair lady. She tugged and pulled my hair into great western styles styles that lasted until mid week.

The rest of the week I had a hornets nest up there. When I was 8, my mum got fed up and off went my locs. For African children today, just stick to what goes best with our nature.

The video on the right is a treasure. I use it a lot when trying out new styles. The music the presenter used may not be to everyone's taste but it helps to dance when trying out something new.

Comparing Hairstyles for Children

(click column header to sort results)
Type of Hairstyle  
Time to make (hours)  
How long it Lasts (weeks)  
Box Braids (medium sized)
Box Braids (small sized)
Micro Braids
Ghana Weaving
Two Strand Box Braids (medium)
Two Strand Box Braids (small)
Reducing the size of the braids generally makes the hairstyle last longer

Box Braids Bob

Box Braids - Curly Tips

Kids Hairstyles with Curly ends

To achieve this, choose a curly extension, and cut it about an inch longer than the natural hair.

Box braid the hair until the end of the natural hair. Then put the weave in curls and soak in hot water for a minute.

Please be cautious.

Medium Length Box Braids

Shorter Box Braids

Box braids that are medium length are not very easy to style as they can be gathered into a ponytail.

The advantage is that they do not take too long to make which is always a blessing with children.They are also easy to remove. One easy way to style them is curve them gently so they form a bob. Adding a hairband completes the style.

Box braiding can be fun

Box braiding forms a basis for bonding. Here an officer box braids a Cambodian girls hair during a community outreach.
Box braiding forms a basis for bonding. Here an officer box braids a Cambodian girls hair during a community outreach. | Source

Simplest Box Braids


Making your Braids Last

To get the best out of your kids box braids hairstyle

  • Moisturize often, especially at the hairline
  • Wash the hair every two weeks. There is no need for special attention, just wash with a braids shampoo and condition. use a hair dryer to ensure no moisture is retained.
  • Tie a scarf around her head at night. Make it fun, make her a night pirate.


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    • Lastheart profile image

      Maria Magdalena Ruiz O'Farrill 

      5 years ago from Borikén the great land of the valiant and noble Lord

      Great job, loving more these braids. I wish somebody around here fix them for me.

    • weavesandbraids profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Africa

      Thanks Cayla, I really liked the picture of a soldier braiding hair and the delighted smile on the girl.

      Who wouldn't enjoy the tugs and brushing

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Those are really good hair styles except for the one that is before the last one


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