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Japanese Men Make Boy Skirts Mainstream

Updated on April 17, 2010

I have to thank Kevin for passing a link along to me that made me aware of the wider male skirted movement in Japan. Many of you will be aware that there is a section of the male Japanese population rejecting traditional notions of masculinity. These 'vegetarian boys' as they are called, do not seek out women in the rabid way we've come to expect men to seek out female partners, but instead are quite content having no female partner and simply having friends of both sexes. It's concerning to older members of Japanese society, but then again, every society has its layer of concerned older people and has had them since man formed civilizations, so we need not worry about them too much.

As part of this trend, which also involves eschewing much of the materialism and drive for success that has characterized Japanese culture for the past 40 years, many Japanese men have taken to wearing 'boy skirts', with long black skirts being the most popular permutation of this look.

Hell yeah Japan, you brought us widespread video gaming, cheap cars and even cheaper motorcycles that can blow a Harley off the street any day and now  you're leading the world into the next fashion, and perhaps, gender revolution.

Like many Western men who wear skirts and other items of women's clothing, like stockings and high heels, Japanese skirt boys  (men who wear boy skirts) aren't usually in it because they want to be women. As one skirt boy said, 'I'm not wearing this because it's what girls wear, but because I like the line and the texture of the material.'

It's great to see that somewhere in the world, society has progressed to the point where men are able to throw off the shackles of their gender in the same way women did many, many years ago. You're likely to see the skirt boy movement coming to fashion magazines (and no doubt incredulous mainstream Western fashion blogs) soon.

Will this make skirts for men accepted as mainstream fashion? On its own, no. If people regard this solely as a weird movement of Japanese youth, (and there are plenty of very odd movements of Japanese youth, including their own equivalent of black face, known as Ganguro,) then it may very well fall by the wayside again.

However, I think there is a decent chance that this is more than simply a weird fashion movement because it is part of a philosophical change in Japanese society, not just a way for misguided youths to get attention.

Of course, the real decider of mainstream fashion is the mainstream itself, so if you want to see skirts become part of male fashion in the future, you simply need to step out in your skirted finery and let the world see that it does not implode simply because a guy isn't wearing pants.


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      dartagnon 7 years ago

      I think it is an easier leap for men in Japan to wear skirts because the kimono is still an acceptable form of clothing for men which is kind of like wearing a dress.