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Bracelets - A Must Have Fashion Accessory for Every Man

Updated on April 12, 2014

Anyone who is rich and wealthy can spend thousands of dollars on a dress to look fashionable. It’s the way you accessorize yourself, which can really make you look stylish, trendy and outclass at the same time.

In the olden days, unlike women, men used to avoid jewellery items and only used to wear a wrist watch as an accessory. However, these days the trends are changing and jewellery items are taking a dominating place in a man’s wardrobe. So now when you look around in a man’s closet apart from dresses, shoes and watch you can find jewellery items too.

The most significant jewellery item present in a man’s wardrobe is bracelets. There are different types of bracelets that are available in the market these days. Moreover, the variety of the materials and metals being used give a vast choice to the shopper to buy according to his own style and taste.

Bracelets made up of different materials, like titanium, tungsten, silver, stainless steel, leather, rubber, silicon and even fabric, are available in the market. If you want to go for expensive ones than gold, Swarovski crystal and diamond bracelets are also present for people with distinct and rich tastes. Other kinds of bracelets that are also gaining popularity are the special gemstone bracelets. Many men who believe in astrology and the power of stones are opting for such bracelets with their birth stone or any other special kind of stone embedded in plain gold or silver bracelets.

Essentially, your basic target should be to select and buy a bracelet that is not only in fashion but also accentuates your style statement. In fact, having varieties of stylish and trendy bracelets is the best option. The greater you have the variety, the more you have the option to accessorize them with your outfit or any occasion.

The branded metal bracelets are the best option to go for a business formal party, cocktail party or a wedding party. They give you a sophisticated and refined look while making you look up-to-the-minute. It depends on your mood that what kind of bracelet you want. Either you want a bracelet that fits exactly to your wrist, or you want to wear a loose bracelet for ease and comfort.

Bracelets that are made up of fabric, leather or silicon is best to go with informal parties or beach picnics where you opt for un-tailored, shabby attire and want to feel casual. When you wear these bracelets offhandedly, they give you a classic swank look. Chunky bracelets with dangling charms are also in trend these days.

Before purchasing a bracelet always check that whether its suits your style or not. There are many online stores offering men’s jewellery items, where you can visit their catalogue and can buy jewellery according to your mood and style.

The demand for men’s bracelets are increasing these days, which reflects that the majority of men are interested in accessorizing themselves with different kinds of cool, branded, designer bracelets. Also, the market is brimming with assortments of creative and innovative bracelet designs, which cater to all ages, moods and styles.


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      Nadin Art Design 2 years ago from Israel

      love it!

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      Very nice Bracelets, Great hub.

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      good topic! I especially like the R&B bracelets!