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Bracelets for Men - The Complete Guide to What's Out There

Updated on April 13, 2014

The only known men’s jewelry till around mid 20th century was the watch and the wedding ring. The introduction of ID bracelets by Speidel Corporation in the 1950s heralded a new era of bracelets for men. The bracelet as men’s jewelry remained a craze till late 1960s, after which it became a regular style symbol.

Materials Used For Men’s Bracelet

Stainless Steel Bracelet – suit the heavy duty styles such European bracelet style. These are made either from stainless steel alone or sometimes with black carbon fiber. You can get contemporary designs to sleek styles, both signifying men as strong and powerful. Prices range from $36 to $132, depending on the intricacy of the detailing, thickness and brand you are choosing from. You may even get the simplest ones at $3.99 (try eBay)

Leather Braceletmake men look ruggedly handsome. Some of the common designs are braided genuine leather bracelets, Ruby Celtic cross leather bracelet, studded wristband (studded with your favorite gemstones), fish style non-dyed Christian bracelet, Dove Dyed in leather bracelet and many more. You can even choose from the etched astrology (in Chinese) bracelets. Depending on the style and embellishments you are going in for, these bracelets may cost you anywhere from $9.38 to $19.50.

Magnetic Bracelet – normally comes in strands of two or three or more, depending on what the wearer likes. This is one of the hottest fashion accessories of recent years in bracelets for men. The black matte finished strands are connected by polished connectors in gold plated cobalt magnets. The other common styles are gold and silver bricks attached by neodymium north magnets, Magnetic chain link fence styled bracelet, gold and silver fury magnetic bracelets (designed like the strap of watches) etc. most of these designs come with clasp closure and suit a wrist of any size. Most of them are priced at $14.99

Sterling Silver Bracelets – are the most exquisite of materials used for bracelets. Although these are harder to maintain than most other bracelet materials, these men’s bracelets impart a class and image to the wearer like no other. Most of these come with link clasps and are intricately designed, without compromising on the manliness of the wearer. Ranging from $49 to $532, depending on the design intricacy and additional embellishments, these bracelets are a must for every man’s jewelry collection. Other metals common used with sterling silver bracelets are gold, platinum and yellow gold.

Bracelets are also available in materials like tungsten, carbon fiber, platinum and titanium.

Type of Bracelets

The popular bracelet types are metallic bracelets, Lance Armstrong bracelet and beaded bracelets. Beaded bracelets may sound like girlish jewelry but is fast catching up as men’s accessory too. Apart from the clasp style of attaching the bracelet while wearing it, other styles include link style, cuff style and handcuff style.

The cuff style bracelets are oval in shape with an opening that allows the bracelet to be slid by the side (instead of wearing it down your wrists like a bangle). Some may be fully closed, operable by a hinge. Cuff bracelets sit snuggly over the wrist.

Link bracelets can be made smaller or bigger by adding or removing links.

The handcuff style bracelet is designed like one half of the handcuffs set and has a ratchet closure with ball bearing detail.


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      Siddle Pit 5 years ago

      Beautiful! style symbol.

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      I never wear jewellery. and I will never.