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Brahmin Handbags

Updated on March 17, 2011

About Brahmin Handbags

If one demands quality from a handbag along with timeless style and elegance then you are correct for looking into buying a Brahmin handbag. Formed in Massachusetts in 1982 as the company Brahmin Leather Works, Brahmin as you may guess from the name which is the same as the upper class Indian caste as well as the name given to Boston's upper class circa 1800s, creates luxury items from purses to handbags which are designed with high quality and in a unique style.

Brahmin now produce leather handbags in styles for everytime of the day, from small clutchbags, to shoulder bags, hobo bags satchels, business bags and even backpacks. All made by trained skilled craftsmen.

While there are numorous places to buy Brahmin handbags at discount prices, you are best sticking with a reputable online retailer such as Amazon to buy your handbag or purse.

Brahmin have been very successful in keeping its status as a elegant high end handbag manufacturer. Unlike some luxury handbag designers you do not see floods of fake products on the market. In fact getting a discount Brahmin handbag is very rare due to their high demand but relatively low supply. They are hot property as their handbags are not only classically beautiful but also very functional in their design.

Each season they offer a variety of handbag collections, with one of the most popular being their Melbourne style. Infact the Melbourne collection of Brahmin bags sum up the company and its philosophy.

Features of Brahmin Handbags

  • Clever simple designs with made with luxury patterned materials
  • Zip top tote
  • Single and double straps
  • Interior zip pockets and penloops
  • Variety of colour options to suit your style, including Crimson, Mocha, Madarin, Pecan, Black, Emerald and more
  • Variety of styles including, Cross bags, Tote Bags, Shoulder Bags, Hobo bags
  • Available double handed tote with magnetic closures

Brahmin Handbags - Melbourne

Anne Tote Bag
Anne Tote Bag

So if you are after a luxurious handbag that not everyone has, but by a company with a reputation for quality then Brahmin are who you are after. Timeless style along with quality materials and design that says everything you want it to say about you. Whatever your taste or requirement: small, large, medium, hobo, leather, fancy, vintage, classic, reliable, durable, dependable, Brahmin has what you want. Prices for the bags roughly start at $200 upwards. For this you get a stunningly designed piece that will complete any outfit and be ready for any situation.


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      Julia Reynolds 2 years ago

      how do I find this Brahmin Anne totebsg