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Bras, Bras Everywhere! A Virtual Wardrobe of Bras For Men

Updated on October 14, 2009
Bras from Victoria's Secret
Bras from Victoria's Secret

It's no secret that men who love lingerie have a fascination with bras. Perhaps it is because, unlike panties, which do have a male equivalent (even if that male equivalent is shaped like a roughly hewn rock and feels about as good against the skin,) there is no traditional male equivalent for a bra.

Bras exist in the lingerie world of the feminine, they are delicate, soft and sweet, yet they also offer support and comfort, yes, even to men. Many men who find themselves with excess tissue need to wear bras for reasons of support. Other men just like the way they feel, wrapped around their chests, clinging so tight with all the soft strength that elastic and lace can muster.

No matter what your taste in bras, you'll find something here that you love.

Women's Bras For Men By Type

Looking for a certain type of bra? Do you need something sheer, sexy, lacy? A demi cup, a pink bra, a bra which will remain hidden from the eyes of the world? You'll find what you're here in this section, in which bras from many brands are reviewed alongside one another.

Lace Bras For Men

Pretty Pink Bras For Men

Balconette Bras For Men

Convertible Bras For Men

Minimizer Bras For Men

Padded Push Up Bras For Men

Demi Cup Bras For Men

Sports Bras For Men

Women's Bras For Men By Brand

These reviews cover brassieres from just one label exclusively, not unlike the 'Women's Bras For Men', in which bras are covered by type. If you have a favorite brand, but are looking for something different, or if you'd like to see what some of the major (and minor) lingerie manufacturers are up to, this is the place to look.

Victoria's Secret Bras For Men

Wacoal Bras For Men

Lily of France Bras For Men

DNKY Bras For Men

Bras Designed Just For Men

This is a relatively small category, but the mere fact that it exists shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the fashion revolution is alive and well. When retailers start supplying the demand, it is only a matter of time before the consumer can emerge from his hiding place and like the butterfly, show his true lingerie colors to the world.

Japan's Bras For Men

Men's Bras Tips and Hints

These articles are more general articles which offer advice, hints and tips around the area of buying and wearing bras. In many of these articles, the comments are just as valuable, if not more so than the original article, so be sure to read those too, some great readers have contributed tips from their own personal experiences which could help you.

Buying A Bra For a Man

Finding Feel Good Bras For Men

Bras For Men (The Seminal Article.)

Bra Extenders


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