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Braun syncro shaver system clean & renew refills

Updated on July 17, 2011

Have you been using a Braun? For a man who’s into the maximum comfort and feel of a cleaner look, then it’s a Braun electric shaver that he must use. The Braun electric shavers have been made to create a lasting and closest shave than the manually used shavers. This electric shaver follows the contour of your face, so no more painful pulls and tugs when clearing off your facial hair. No more nightmares of cutting yourself with your blade; this electric shaver has blades that carefully trims the hair, as closest as it can without getting you wounded. You can wake up and have a great feel of aftershave looking clean and tidy, without the hassle of the manual shave and messy clean ups.

Have no idea yet? Try Braun 8985. This Braun electric shaving product uses a patented Braun Power Comb technology that that lifts hairs and makes it lie flat to the skin to avoid omitted shave areas. It also has a particular unique head for that quick and easy shave. Using the Gillette Blade Technology, its blades are the sharpest as it can get. Its unique active head provides smooth and even glides to the skin for that closest trim. This particular product comes in black and silver.

You could also try Braun Syncro 7526, a Braun’s solution to the faster shave. It has a 4-way pivoting head that moves back and forth from every side, capturing hairs in a less stroke. It also follows every contour of your face to give you the vest trim. It has larger foils for bigger capture that is why you are ensured for a cleaner and quicker shave. Also, clean up is a breeze. You can store back this shaver in its stand—it automatically clean, lubricates, and even charges it, making it in the best state for your next shave. This electric shaver can be charged after one hour and can be used for 50 minutes of continuous use. There is an LCD panel that shows the data of the condition and repairs. 

When your Braun electric shaver needs a repair, don’t worry. There are accessories and gadgets available for you to purchase. Braun syncro shaver system clean & renew refills for shavers like Braun ccr3 and others, are available in the market. Each Braun syncro shaver system clean & renew refills keeps your Braun shaver like new every time you use it. It cleans up with an alcohol based formulation for hygienic purposes, renews it with lubricants and that gives back its best performance, and refreshes with citrus scent for that wonderful aftershave aroma. These refills can be used for 30 cleaning cycles, and is easy to install and clean.

We all know that every man has his own unique stubble, but the Braun electric shavers take care of it fast and nicely. Each shaver is made with contour following pivots for a glide through trim; smooth and comfortable to use. These are handy shavers that you can bring anywhere; use it with electric cords or with the batteries. You can be assured of comfort and cleanliness that can be found with no other shavers. After use, just click the Braun Activator and your electric shaver will be clean and renewed, ready for another use. Still haven’t heard of Braun? Why not go and buy one of these shavers for yourself—and you’re sure to use them for the longest time. 


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