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Breast Implants Gone Wrong From Black Market Silicone Enhancements & Illegal Back Street Surgeons With Images

Updated on August 18, 2012

Faulty Breast Implants Gone Wrong.

The FDA approved silicone breast implants in 2006. Silicone is a Poison which can spread through the blood stream and can effect different people in many alternative ways. Back street surgeries / surgeons or black market surgeons have no qualms about fitting faulty or used implants into their patients.

Many cosmetic surgeons advertise that risks are now 'lower than ever'. This is a disclaimer, and means that if something goes wrong, you were forewarned of possible difficulties and problems that may arise.

Below is a list of possible symptoms of silicone poisoning.

Some Symptoms Of Silicone Poisoning

Swollen or lumpy breasts

Unexplained rashes

Weakness or chronic fatigue

Pain in bones, joints & muscles

Tingling sensations

Numbness in hands, face, or lips

Shortness of breath

Blurred visions & eye infections


Loss of teeth

Profuse sweating & loss of memory

New allergic reactions

Dizziness and loss of balance

Bulging spinal discs


Hot spots on skull

Bleeding ears

Blood clots from the nose

Alternating blood pressure

Muscle cramps or twitching

Pulmonary Fibrosis Diagnosis

Black Market Breast Implants

Black market breast implants are notorious for many different reasons. The first issue is the surgeon themselves. Many have been struck off for malpractice, or have never passed a medical examination in their lives. This leaves the patient in serious danger if there is a medical problem during surgery.

Another problem is that there is no or very little comeback should complications arise. As they operate 'back door' as it were, if something goes wrong after surgery, the patient will be ignored. Black market surgeries pop up and disappear quicker than a fifty dollar note on the floor. They can open up and shut up shop within a day, before moving onto another area to ply their trade.

Used Implants

Bad cosmetic surgery images can show in graphic detail what goes wrong; but it cannot show the misery it causes. Many third world countries or illegal surgeries operate knowing that some of the implants they are using are either faulty or have been taken out for reasons unknown by other patients.

A batch of faulty implants were stolen to order whilst they were being returned to the manufacturers for destruction. These implants soon found their way onto the black market and into the bodies of unsuspecting clients. Some of which have been located due to the patient having them implanted, only for them to leak and cause severe medical conditions.

Although not proven, it has been suggested that some illegal surgeons have removed implants from the recently deceased and re-sold them on the black market. Many black market surgeries will still be using the PIP industrial silicone implants, which have now been withdrawn by governments around the world.

Possible Cancer Risk

Faulty Implants

Faulty Implants WILL ruin a persons life. If silicone implants begin to leak, the person runs the risk of inadvertently destroying their own lives for the sake of cosmetic enhancement.

Prior to selecting a plastic surgeon to carry out any type of cosmetic surgery, follow advice given by many medical councils around the world.

Seek references. Not just before and after photographs and written letters in the surgeons office. These can be forgeries and even simply printed from the internet. Get names and addresses of previous clients if possible. Seek them out, if they exist

Medical Council. Most governments will produce an annual list of qualified surgeons whom are legal. If your selected surgeon is not on the list, they may be operating outside of the law.

Surgeries. If the surgery is well established and has been in the same place for a long time, still seek out information about them through the internet. Just because they are well established does not mean that they have a low number of malpractice suits against them for botched surgery.


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