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Breast Inplants

Updated on December 25, 2014

As we've entered through the age where women are very empowered, there seems to be an increase of breast inplants. It is one of the most performed plastic surgery in the world.

Breast inplants are done to enhance the breast area. This procedure is done for aesthetic purposes to enlarge and give shape to breast that are naturally small or shapeless. Most women have this procedure in the hopes of boosting their confidence and improve their image.

I've had a friend who's had breast inplants lately. Before deciding to go through with the procedure, she did her research thoroughly. And I think this is quite imperative for everybody who are thinking of having this kind of surgery done.


First on the list of the things she did is to find out if she is qualified for a breast inplants. She went through a series of evaluation and tests to find out if the procedure is right for her. This is not suggesting that women don't know what they want. Rather, this tests would indicate if you are emotionally ready to undergo such operations. In some cases, problems may lie not even on the physical appearance, but on a psychological aspect which no amount of surgeries can correct.

Looking for a good surgeon is the next thing she did. She often reiterated that if a doctor is going to operate on her, he'd better be the best one there is or she'll just totally nix the idea. And I totally agree with her. You have to understand there are risks and having the best surgeon is one of the surefire way to lower it. A serious talk with your preferred surgeon may be next in order.

I'm sure you have heard of some scary stuff when it comes to the subject of breast augmentation. Who didn't? I cannot vouch for the veracity of these stories. Some may be real but others may just be plain rumors. But the good thing is, breast enhancement surgeries has been refined over the years with the use of modern technology. You'll be given many options to choose from. Furthermore, post-surgical results has greatly improved.


A breast inplants may be a silicone or saline inplants. Silicone inplants was banned by the FDA in 1992 due to reports of severe complications. However, it was later approved in 2005 for use in the consumer market. Saline inplants is made up of salt water. Both inplants have their pros and cons. That is why a serious talk with a surgeon is in order so you can mutually arrive at the best option for you.

Of utmost importance also is a thorough discussion of the risks involved in the surgery. You have to go with both eyes wide open. Complications, although rare, are always present and it is always best that you are aware of them beforehand. That is why a surgeon with significant number of procedures done under his belt will be able to discuss these details with you.

While it is true that breast inplants can do wonders to improve one's self-image and confidence, your general well-being should take precedence before anything else. And awareness that results from research is your best bet to ensure this.


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    • Milla Mahno profile image

      Milla Mahno 7 years ago from Florida

      I'll keep this in mind Lee, in case I happen to pass around your place. Not that I need any support, but it is always nice to feel somebody supporting you. Where do you live, again? ;)

    • leeberttea profile image

      leeberttea 7 years ago

      I am very much in favor of breasts and will support them every chance I get!

    • Milla Mahno profile image

      Milla Mahno 7 years ago from Florida

      Nah, I am thinking about selling some. This is a bit different, right? ;)

      And to tell you the truth my BF loves mine as they are :P

    • eovery profile image

      eovery 7 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      So are you thinking of some, Milla, Ha Ha Ha

      Keep on hubbing!