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Breitling Aeromarine Avenger Swiss Luxury Watch Review: Chronograph, Seawolf

Updated on January 6, 2015

Breitling Avenger

Avenger comprises one of Breitling's most popular Aeromarine lines. Its unabashed masculinity and almost Spartan conviction that high-end function is its own beauty give it long term advantages over competition, winning it many devoted fans in the process.

Dial organization can be seen as a a combination Windrider Cockpit and Chrono-matic: dials positioned at the same quarter hours markers, and either blend or contrast with the backdrop. Avenger is unique in its Arabic or dual-index hour markers, classic hiltless Breitling sword hands, and a seconds hand with a red tip that adds an unmistakable streak of emergency.

The Stencil numerals invite military associations, as do the dark blue, grey, and black dials, calling up the matted and blackened steel cases of Blackbird. The depth of the function packages (300 meter water resistance, 40 hours power reserve), combined with the striking lack of gold decoration, reveals the character of the Avenger as of tough, even headstrong, and firm of purpose.

Breitling Aeromarine Avenger
Breitling Aeromarine Avenger

The non-slip crown and chrono pushers, similar to the ones Super Avenger is outfitted with, also denote a preference given to muscular contours. All of these are warrior qualities and, as the collection's title implies, they determine its spirit.


Surprisingly, such lines as Avenger and Super Avenger can function as casual and dressy pieces with supreme confidence.

It's not surprising that many politicians wear Breitling – it excels at blending business attitude with aesthetic that's the opposite of the flamboyant: straightforward, effective, and in its own immediate way, beautiful. (Of course, many politicians wished they could enjoy the qualities Breitling watches actually possess). Like some people, this watch involuntarily evokes respect.


Avenger Seawolf clears up the dials from all tracks but two, and presents a deceptively inconspicuous timepiece. Its most significant feature, water resistance up to 3 thousand meters, cannot be seen, yet it renders the Seawolf a professional diving watch of the top order. Additional utilities include a decompression valve

Seawolf Chrono

Seawolf Chrono, a complicated version of the original model, enables chrono measurement under water by deploying a magnetic pushpiece technology. Breitling rearrange the subdials once again, demoting the date aperture between four and five o'clock – resulting in a symmetrical layout that's so important to easy read-off in extreme conditions.

Unlike the mechanically propelled regular Seawolf, the Chrono variant contains an electronic Quartz movement; officially certified chronometer like its automatic brethren, it includes the split-time measuring option.


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