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Brian Atwood Shoes from Sex and the City

Updated on August 11, 2010

Brian Atwood Shoes

So how does a dude like me come up with a topic of Brian Atwood Shoes, Well later this evening I am politely going to be kicked out of my condo so my girlfriend and seven of her friends can have a sex and the city party.

Seven girls all of which how will talk about sex and the city and one topic of discussion, what Sarah Jessica Parker will be wearing? So being me, a nice energy efficient light bulb goes turns on above my head!

Shoes! More specifically the ones Sarah will be wearing, and there you have it Brian Atwood shoes Shop Miranda's Sophisticated Business style at!

So now that I know nothing about those specific shoes time to do a little research, to Brian’s website to see if the product matches the hype now being a web design the home page does have some minimalistic style which I like, A nice black and white photo of alligator pumps and a shirtless hunk for the ladies and three easy buttons (Enter site, contacts and shopping) very well done!

Brian Atwood Shoes

SJP in Brian Atwood Shoes
SJP in Brian Atwood Shoes

Atwood's Shoes Sex and the City

So venturing in, we get a typical shoe type site with a loud some what in the now song and flash designs. That will be enough of that so what draws these seven ladies to obessing over these shoes, Sex and the city.

Since Brain Atwood shoes were on the set of SATC2 these have been hot and every girls needs a pair, but how has the movie done thus far? Well going based on tomatoes  well some good and some bad but one review that sticks out is:

“The last gasp of a franchise that has definitively lost touch with its roots”

I guess I will have to follow up after this evening to actually find out from the ladies themselves. Who knows maybe I pulled into some shoe shopping tomorrow for some new Brian Atwood shoes ?

Also I will put a poll to see if the movie is worth while or if it has lost touch

Oh and if your wondering were I will venturing out to, my local pub to watch the UFC with the boys, how typical eh?

So if you liked the movie, vote in the poll and pick up some Shop Miranda's Sophisticated Business style at!

Was SATC2 Worth While?

Was SATC2 Worth While?

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    • McConnell Group profile image

      Shawn McCconnell 7 years ago from Mississauga, Ontario

      My Girlfriend just said she wants that dress in the picture above...