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Bridal Runway Shows 101

Updated on December 30, 2014

If you’ve never attended a bridal runway show, you’re missing out on a great event. Full of information and visual features, it will help you tremendously in putting together your special day. You’ll meet designers, retailers, and vendors who will quite likely have a large part in your wedding. If you don’t know what to expect when going to a runway show, read on to get some details!

While bridal shows aren’t typically a formal event, you do not want to show up in sweatpants. Often times, the hosts do not announce a dress code to the public, but there is appropriate and inappropriate attire. For an overall look, go for something that speaks “smart” and “stylish.” Rarely is it a black tie event, so you don’t have to go overboard. Likely, photos will be snapped throughout the event, so just make sure you look presentable.

Bridal shows are very informative, and you’ll learn more little tidbits of information while listening to the narrator than you think! In that instance, do make sure you bring a notebook and a pen. Writing those handy bits of info down will help you restore them mentally; knowledge is power, especially when planning a wedding. Don’t forget to bring your camera — if pictures are permitted, that is. If a line sheet is provided to the public for each dress on the runway, pay attention and make notes on fit, form, and detailing. Find out what look you want to put together!

The handiest tools you can bring to a runway show are people. If you are able to, bring your mom, your groom, and your bridesmaids — unless your bridal party is substantial, then invite your maid of honor. Your support system is vital while putting together this important day, and they likely will offer perspectives and advice you’d never think of yourself. Tell your groom the color scheme you’re planning, and allow him to view the styles and choose what he’d like his party to wear. The same goes for your party: Your maid of honor will never forget if she had a significant part in this planning.

This is an event that you’ll want ample time to enjoy. You’re going to begin piecing together and visualizing certain aspects of the day, so you’ll want to savor it! It’s advised not to pack your schedule full with events or appointments, because time constraints can be a real stress on your ability to make complete decisions. So let yourself relax! Another helpful piece of advice: If you have a large party attending the runway show, arrive to the seating or line early in order to snag good viewing.

After the show is over, stick around to talk with vendors and retailers. Especially if you’ve made notes of bridal salons that carry designers you liked on the runway, you should visit their booth or station to obtain more information. Maybe schedule an appointment to try on some styles. Lastly, giveaways often occur after shows, and you won’t want to miss your name being called for an all-expenses-paid honeymoon!

If you’re debating going to a runway show coming up in your area, we suggest you attend! They’re fun, informative, and a great way to help you plan your big day. Guaranteed fun for all, you can bring your support system with you for a little extra assistance. Then, you can take the knowledge you gained and use it to find a beautiful gown at a great price from!


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