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Bridal Veils For The Perfect Bridal Look

Updated on March 17, 2012

Bridal veils have been used by brides as a sign of modesty but today have become more of a fashion accessory. They can be either of two tiers with one coming over the face and the other going behind. Veils are usually named according to their lengths.

Chapel and Cathedral Veils

The type of veil to be used is dictated by the kind of wedding ceremony that you may be having. Veils that have long trains are more suitable for traditional and lavish weddings that are held indoors.

Thus you have the chapel veil which is generally of 108 inches while the cathedral veil is 144 inches. This offers a very elegant look as the bride walks down the aisle with the bridesmaids carrying the train behind her.

Shorter Bridal Veils

Some brides find long veils cumbersome and prefer veils of shorter length.

Therefore the length can be varied according to the bride's comfort level and may be restricted to the ankle and is known as the waltz veil.

Those which come down to the mid calf are generally worn with a wedding gown of tea length and are often described as knee veils. These offer the traditional impact of a long veil without hampering the movement of the bride in anyway.

Fingertip Veil

Somewhat shorter than this is the fingertip veil which, as becomes clear with the name itself, reaches down to the fingertips of the bride and is considered to be a good choice for brides who are on the heavy side.

Then you have the waist veil that extends up to the waist only and is one of the most popular choices today. It gives a very chic and smart look to the bride and is long enough to add a traditional touch.

For the bride of today shorter veils are much more convenient especially if you are having a wedding outdoors.

As a result shorter length bridal veils are more in prevalence today. Thus you have the shoulder veil that goes slightly beyond the shoulders while the bouffant veil merely brushes the shoulder.

Blusher Veil

Though covering the face is not a norm today but some brides, especially young brides, sometimes also opt for a blusher veil that falls across the face.

This gives a very romantic and mysterious look to the bride. It can be attached to any veil regardless of its length. A new concept in veils is the detachable veil which the bride may take off after the wedding.

Bridal veils can be made of different materials like French netting, tulle and so on. They may be further embellished according to the wedding dress.

Hence you may have a ribbon or a lace at the edges or it may be decorated with beads or crystal.

The birdcage veil covers the face partially and is made of nets that have large holes and may be richly decorated with scattered beads or stones. Mantilla veils frame the face and go down to the shoulder. They are generally oval in shape and have a lace edging.

Bridal veils should always be selected according to the length of the wedding gown, the formality of the occasion and of course the personal preference of the bride.


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