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Bridal Wear and Dresses for the Bridesmaids

Updated on October 4, 2014
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Natasha Pelati has published three books of poetry and writes on real-life experiences with the help of psychology.

Bridesmaids should compliment the bride.
Bridesmaids should compliment the bride.

Bridal Wear

There are so many options of bridal wear to choose from and many brides -to- be have an idea of what they want in mind but often do not get the exact one.

It is important to choose a style that will make you feel comfortable and happy on your big day.

The style, whether it is simple or out of the ordinary is completely up to you and nobody but you should make the decision.

Finding a style to suit your body type is important as well as selecting one that will make you feel good and compliment your assets.

The first step to choosing the right gown is to select the correct design to fit your body type.

If you are overweight it is not a good idea to find the skimpiest looking dress because it will only make you unhappy and you will end up looking like a fool.

Slim women also need to select the correct dress to compliment their fugures without making them look cheap.

So how do you know which dress is the right one for you?

Every bride has a dress in mind and the best thing to do is to try as many on as possible until you find the one that you love the most.

There are a number of designs and cuts that will suit any figure and compliment any waistline if you know what to look for.

Choose a neckline that will compliment your bust and not over emphasize.
Choose a neckline that will compliment your bust and not over emphasize.
This sort of sleeve is perfect for big busted brides. (in white of course!)
This sort of sleeve is perfect for big busted brides. (in white of course!)

Styles for Overweight Brides

Choosing a dress to compliment your body is not as difficult as it might seem. There are a number of options that will make you look good and feel comfortable, without compromising your original ideas.

For women that have big busts;

Off the shoulder dress - to accentuate your shoulders

Princess collar - with a low neckline showing a little cleavage but not too much.

Try to avoid wearing a dress that covers your bust completely as this will make you look bustier.

Wide V neck dresses and longer loose sleeves will compliment your bustline and take the emphasis somewhere else.

For women who are plus size;

Choosing a dress that makes you feel comfortable is really important.

Don't stuff yourself into a smaller dress as this will make you look bigger and you will feel extremely uncomfortable.

Find a style that will suit your body and make you look good too!

Look at your assets and accentuate the best parts of you. If you have a small waist than accentuate that area.

Try to avoid loads of layers on your dress and keep it simple.

Adding something above the waistline for big stomachs is good to take the emphasis away from that area.

Accentuate the good parts.
Accentuate the good parts.

Plus Sized Wedding Dresses

It is important to make sure that you feel comfortable in the dress that you choose to wear. If you have a full figure and you want to wear a simple dress than you can; Just add sparkle or accessorise your dress to put the focus on the detail rather than the body.

Layers and layers can make you look twice the size, therefore you should keep it to a minimal. Have layers but let a designer put it together for you very carefully because putting the lines of layers in the wrong position can change the entire effect of your dress. They can add layers to certain areas or hang them in certain positions in order to compliment your body.

Wedding Dresses for Slender Bodies

It isn't as easy as it sounds as sometimes women who are exptremely thin tend to look shapeless in anything that they wear.

Finding a wedding dress to suit your body is easy enough but choosing one that will compliment you can be tricky.

If you are boney and curveless then you can wear a dress with layers and you can even get the "princess dress" with tulle underneath the dress to lift it and make you feel like a princess.

Accentuating the good parts is a great idea and you can do this by choosing a lace bodice or long sleeves with detail on it.

Wearing a short dress or one that fits your body like a glove will do nothing for you, avoid wearing that.

Wedding Dresses for Curves

If you have shape and curves then accentuate it!

You can wear almost anything and look great in it. Tight fitting dresses are great up until the knee adding a tulle bottom or tiers to the dress.

If you have great legs and you want to wear a dress that shows them off then have a dress designed to accentuate the legs by going knee high. Anything shorter could make it look a little cheap.

Having hips and a behind that you would like to have hidden;

Avoid layers or tiers from the start of your hip down. Layers can be used just above the waist or in a curve going down from the waist to the hip, without hiding your assets.

Loose sleeves are good to hide big arms
Loose sleeves are good to hide big arms

Wedding Dresses for Big Arms

Should you wish to hide your arms then you need to be careful of what you wear to avoid them being accentuated rather than hidden.

Stay away from tight fitting long sleeved dresses and select a sleeve that is loose.

Having a lace sleeve with a slight amount of beading can take the focus off if you have somewhere else to place the focus on. Find an area of your body that you would like to show off and accentuate that area to take the eye away from your arms.

Don't have a sleeveless or halterneck dress as this will emphasise your arms even more.

Accentuate and Feel Good.

Choosing a wedding dress to suit you is important because you need to feel good and know that you look great.

No matter what size you are, you can still look beautiful in a wedding dress as long as you select the right design for you.

Accentuate the good parts of your body and do not emphasize any of the parts that you do not like.

Avoid having too many layers if you are large and should you want layers than have someone design your dress carefully in order for it to make you look slimmer rather than larger.

Should you be thin with no curves than add as many layers as you would like to and have tulle or something extra added to your dress.

Accessories and detsil on your dress can make the eye wonder to that area, so choose where to place it well.

It always helps to ask a designer to help you accentuate the good and take away the bad. They know what to do and will help create your dress to suit you and your style.

The bridesmaid dresses should compliment the bride.  This one is hard to tell who the bride is.
The bridesmaid dresses should compliment the bride. This one is hard to tell who the bride is.

Bridesmaids Dresses

Selecting a dress for your birdesmaids without taking the focus off of you is an easy task. Get some ideas from your birdesmaids but keep it simple and elegant.

Avoid dresses that will look like they are from another time zone and if you feel threatened by the bridesmaids then don't use those people. You should feel comfortable with the girls that you have chosen and proud to select a dress that will compliment the bride.

Simple designs should be chosen to make the girls look and feel great but they should compliment the bride and not be the focus.

Select colours that are complimentary to your dress.
Select colours that are complimentary to your dress.
Seperate the style of the bridesmaids dresses from your own.
Seperate the style of the bridesmaids dresses from your own.

Styles for Bridesmaids Dresses

Select a colour that is far off from yours and if you like pastel colours than keep them separate to your dress and choosing one colour for everyone is a good idea. If you want your maid of honour to stand out from the other bridesmaids than select a style that is similar to the rest but perhaps a different colour. The aim is for the bride to stand out and have the bridesmaids complimenting her gown, not decreasing the focus.

Stick to easy to wear styles that will not crease and will be comfortable to move in, afterall, they are there to help you move and this cannot be done if they are in tight and uncomfortable layers.

Keep it simple and elegant; If your dress has layers and tulle then get your bridesmaids dresses to be a dress without layers or tulle.

Should you have a slim fit and long dress with loads of detail, then let the bridesmaids dresses be shorter with minimal detail.

Off the shoulder dress for you- on the shoulder for the bridesmaids.

Where to find good Bridal dresses

You can select a bridal dress or gown from catalogues but remember that it helps to have someone that knows how to alter your dress if it doesn't fit. Also when buying from a catalogue it sometimes means that it is not one of a kind and there will be someone else with a dress like yours.

Bridal boutiques are always best to go to as they can help you select the dress that suits your figure and they can alter it if need be.

Online catalogues are good to look through and selecting a dress is easy enough as you will certainly find one that you like and you can get a designer to make it for you.


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