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Bridal Wedding Makeup Tutorials on YouTube

Updated on January 18, 2011
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From Bridal Makeup Tutorial "Ask Me with Amy B" on YouTube.
From Bridal Makeup Tutorial "Ask Me with Amy B" on YouTube.
From Bridal Makeup Tutorial "Ask Me with Amy B" on YouTube.

Use YouTube For Beauty Ideas and How-To's on your Wedding Day!

Traditional bridal make-up should be

  • simple,

  • elegant,

  • classic,

  • and made to last throughout a busy day.

Essentially, it should be super-powered makeup that doesn't really look like you're wearing all that much make-up....That is , if you're going for a traditional look.

Below, are a few really great tutorials that should give you some good insight into the application technique and basic theory of bridal makeup.

  1. Classic Bridal Makeup- Ask Me Makeup with Amy B

    This is an excellent tutorial that creates a classic look with a focus on contouring to make your wedding photographs really pop!

  2. Wedding day make-up lesson by Chanel

    Conde Nast Brides Beauty Editor visits a Chanel Beauty technician to get a run-down on how to create a really nice Wedding Day look using Chanel's products. And may I just add, that I really love Chanel products, though I can't afford them for every day use, they are just lovely for a special occasion.

  3. Expert Village Explains Wedding Day Blush

    A really simple, well-explained tutorial on how make your cheekbones stand out so you can be a perfectly blushing-bride :)

    It's important to be well-rested, relaxed, and refreshed. So get some sleep!, eat a protein bar (protein reduces stress), and wash your face with cold water to get your circulation going.

For more on weddings, check out my article about inexpensive, do-it-yourself wedding favors!


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      Katie 8 years ago

      Another YouTube Bridal Makeup Tutorial

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      Medical Alert Calling Systems 9 years ago

      Nice and useful hub! Thanks.

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      maryanne 9 years ago

      great hub and the video just complements it.