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Brighton Jewelry Bracelet Heart, Swarowski Crystals, Breast Cancer Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Brighton Bracelets

Brighton bracelets display a variety of designs and styles, suitable for different, sometimes opposing tastes. Though some of the bracelets can be rather large, all display a delicate form that's characteristic of Brighton jewelry. Models comprise hinged and bangle among others; a few resemble the necklaces, essentially repeating their design in miniature, others present an oriental arabesque inspired look that may even appear strict.

The thinner variations introduce crystals in the form of cabochons (Swarowski crystals) that connect pieces of chain. Brighton manufacture numerous collections of bracelets, some of which aficionados will immediately recognize: Fancy Flight, Lacy Flower, Crystal Ball, Monte Carlo, Love Song, Uptown Classic, and others.

Copyright Brighton
Copyright Brighton


Besides the necklace-like pieces, there are several other models that combine flirtatious features with the stability of magnetic closure. Particularly interesting are the ID bracelets, which include a small tile that reads a phrase like "You make my heart sing," "You are always in my heart", and "You make me smile." These sincere and disarming expressions dovetail to Brighton's spirit of light grace and playfulness.

Additional collections include pieces that consist almost entirely of natural materials such as resin, or large bracelets adorned with intricate scrollwork.

2009 Season

2009 season is notable for its widespread utilization of the heart theme. Hearts appear as ornament, as charms dangling from chains, or as substitutes for words in the ID pieces. The company also makes heart shaped charms that can be added to a jewelry that doesn't carry this symbol -- a simple but creative way to refresh the piece and keep up to date.

2009 bracelets also feature rope designs, where the alloy has been moulded in a characteristic fashion, and injected, asymmetrically, with crystals. These and the Twinkle variations are among the classic jewelry designs that will suit ladies with a more conservative taste -- Brighton clearly aiming to meet their clientèle's every demand.


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