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Brighton Jewelry Charms Review: Silver, ABC Beads&Clasps

Updated on January 6, 2015

Brighton Charms

Brighton jewelry is imbibed with charms, both literally and figuratively. The little jewels appear on most of the brand's creations – bracelets, necklaces, anklets – and can be easily added to the rest if so desired. The power of charms rests, first, in their purpose – to enhance jewelry by adding it extra meaning that only the individual wearer understands – second, in the flexibility with which this purpose can be actualized.

Brighton create several collections of charms, which can be categorized according to their attachment method. Clasp pieces are the most obvious and effortless in this respect; spacers and droplets usually require additional work, for instance stringing. But perhaps the biggest, and most exciting requirement, is the one of creativity. Being creative can make a difference in making your jewelry original by pinning the right charm at th right place.

Copyright Brighton
Copyright Brighton

ABC clasp

Dual lobster claw clasp charms comprise a small category of pieces that have a closure on both sides, and can act as links between various pieces of jewelry. These items usually carry a single decorative addition: a flower motif, an etched ornament, often heart shaped, or even an gold-tone inlay. The claps present an effective mix between utility and aesthetic.

ABC Beads&Spacers

Brighton beads and spacers look like miniature rings – but its chains, not fingers that they are intended to be combined with. There are two basic kinds: bedecked with Swarowski crystals, often bright and colorful, or metallic, with occasional crystal accents. The latter will usually display some form of openwork, or scrollwork (geometrical, figurative – hearts, stars – motifs).


Droplets are probably the most familiar type of charms, and they too resemble another kind of jewelry, earrings this time. Droplets can consist of an alloy tile, silver or gold tone, or of a large stone, dangling from a metallic cap, and resembling a street lamp.

This jewelry vies for the title of Brighton's most charming charms.


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