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Brighton Jewelry Earrings (Swarowski Crystals, Pearls, Silver) Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Brighton Earrings

Brighton earrings stand out as the brand's most intricate and detailed creations. The brand clearly didn't want to sacrifice the finer etched and openwork ornamentation that it bestows upon the bracelets and the necklaces. Resultant are elaborate, yet balanced earrings that harmonize effortlessly with other jewelry with which they often comprise a set.

Brighton manufacture many collections, refreshing the repertoire with new ones every season: Garden of Eden, Summer Love, Forget-Me-Not, Secret of Love, Second Nature, Los Feliz, Flower Shower – these are only some of the more familiar titles available. Hoop, drop, post, and French wire are the three types the company usually offers, so let's examine them more closely.

Copyright Brighton
Copyright Brighton


A seemingly basic roundish design, it provides enough space to accommodate mesmerizing arabesque ornament, or a row of Swarowski crystals. Encanto models from the 2009 season manifest a colored enamel pattern. Silver post.


A familiar traditional design that Brighton refresh by adding a rope chain link, and by combining a single pearl with a single crystal. Color variations include black and blue, and pink and yellow, respectively. Additional drop models feature alloy cushions inlayed with crystals, or simply a large white pearl dangling from the cap.


Another fairly simple, even humble design, that appropriately involves innocuous botanic or star motifs. Often miniature in size, these piece project sweetness of character, though the dark red crystal center in some models might conceal mischief as well.

French Wire

Highly detailed earrings that compound sophistication with finesse. The metal openwork can be staggering in its complexity – elaborate botanical or oriental themes sprawling, seemingly effortlessly, on a very small space. These require closer look, and interested observers will have to approach closer in order to take it; the seductive overtones are too powerful to ignore. One of my personal favorite segments in Brighton jewelry.


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