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Brighton Jewelry Necklace (Chains, Pendants, Swarowski Crystals) Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Brighton Necklaces

Brighton necklaces are well-known for their delicate and simultaneously harmonious designs.

They also form the brand's most diverse department: designers invest their creations with a set of features, making each necklace a unique piece of jewelry. The features, in general, include the addition of stations within the chains, usually in the form of Swarowski crystals incorporated into the alloy; the use of ornament, whether it's openwork, open scrollwork, etching, or other; of pendants, from religion inspired crosses or David stars to rich, metal-framed gemstones; and of a characteristic lobster claw closure to secure the piece on the neck.

Though most necklaces will exhibit these features in one way or another, the products are all different, sometimes very much so -- and over 1500 daily eBay listings prove that. Let's take a close look at the pendants and the chains, the two main components of this kind of jewelry.

Copyright of Brighton
Copyright of Brighton


Appear in two basic categories: metallic and crystal&gemstone based. In 2009 season most Brighton necklaces included metallic pendants, but that might change the following year. Alloy pendants can be openwork or etched, flat or puffy, and shaped in abstract geometrical forms, or figurative heart, botanical, or religious motifs. Some of the flat models sometimes carry several crystal accents.

Gem pendants usually present a familiar soft shape -- cushion, heart, teardrop -- framed by metallic ornamentation. Some versions can be worn reversed.


Brighton chains can be beaded (crystal stations), or covered entirely in other material -- glass, for instance. Several necklace models pair chains, or combine even more than two, to create a more solid appearance, and complement the intricate scrollwork. These sometimes abandon the pendants altogether, relying entirely on the rows of chains for decoration.

All Brighton chains are adjustable, and contain a lobster claw lock: a simple to use device that makes the adjustment of the jewelry effortless.


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