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Brighton Jewelry Pendant Necklaces (Silver, Pearls) Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Brighton Pendants

Brighton pendants essentially form a subcategory of the necklaces. The pendant segment of the brand's jewelry is dedicated almost entirely to the dangling pieces, the chains and the threads playing a secondary, supporting role – very little decoration on them, if any at all. Still, several popular motifs recur here and there: rope designs, and occasionally a bead or glass enhancements, all of which generate quiet harmony that wouldn't distract from the pendant.

Unlike the chains, the pendants gravitate towards elaborate designs, which nevertheless exhibit a strong clarity of expression. Religious pieces consist of undulating crosses and David stars, oriental and ornamental pendants reveal intricate openwork and scrollwork, and geometrically rich tiles and cushions display both flex and ornamentation.

Copyright Brighton
Copyright Brighton


Can be divided into two categories: conservative pieces that often display Gothic or other antique motifs, and more fashion oriented. The latter category employs numerous variations on the geometrical form of the cross – from delicate and wavy to wide and commanding (some resembling military décor) – and complements them with Swarowski crystals, usually rhinestones.


Also consist of flat, straightforward models, and more elaborate, puffed pieces. The former rely on linear and symmetrical adornment – something that harmonizes well with the threads and the closure (lobster claw).

The latter may display exquisite ornamental compositions; when combined with crystals or gems, the result is Brighton's most saturated jewelry. Additional designs comprise floral pendants and various amulets, for instance a horseshoe.


Tiles, or ID pendants present a flat plaque with an emphatic phrase such as “You make me smile.” In order to support the text with a figurative morsel, the designers attach a miniature charm ( a flower, a heart, or a star) to the upper base of the tile.

Strictly gem models are quite rare in Brighton's pendant jewelry assortment; stones usually appear in combinations with other materials.


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