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Brighton Jewelry Review: Anklet Swarowski Crystals, Gold, Heart

Updated on January 8, 2015

Brighton Anklets

Anklets comprise a small but important category of Brighton jewelry: it expresses the girlish fun spirit of this brand in a concentrated, unequivocal fashion. Suitable for summer wearing, not immediately visible, they bear an unmistakable erotic meaning, which will become the clearer the more the wearer would allow it to.

Though anklets naturally extend the bracelet department, they can't be just as varied in design and style -- most of these won't be suitable around the ankle. Pieces must be thinner than most bracelets, a limitation for which they compensate with charms dangling freely from the chains and touching the skin. 2009 season catalog includes the following collections:

Copyright Brighton
Copyright Brighton
  • Blaire Heart, a basic chain design with a single heart shaped charm and a lobster claw lock. An additional diminutive heart shaped drop dangles from the chain near the larger piece.

  • Deco Gold incorporates tiles instead of pendants or charms (though these can be added separately): square, round, and heart-shaped, they decorate the chain in symmetric intervals, offsetting the alloy's silver tone with their distinct gold tone color.

  • Deco Heart combines Blaire Heart with Deco Gold -- the same kind of charms (only bigger), without the tiles. The hearts present a complex combination of openwork and solid alloy; it divides the heart in two, implying to two people connecting, or in love!

  • Tuscan Heart continues to elaborate on the heart theme, this time offering only a braided frame. The frames also act as links between the parts of the chain. A small heart charm near on of the links emphasizes the difference of their roles.

  • Voler Anklet opts for Swarowski beads as the main decoration material. One of the most playful piece of all anklet collections -- and maybe of all Brighton jewelry -- it adds Amazonite and silver beads to the mix, crowning it with a dragonfly.


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