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Brighton Jewelry Rings Review: Gemstones, Silver, Crystals

Updated on January 8, 2015

Brighton Rings

A relatively small Brighton segment, rings department is also its most mystical and intense (and often expensive). The attention to detail , and the combination of stones with the alloy scrollwork reach their zenith of elaboration in the rings, enjoying from the compact, tight, circular shape that naturally lends itself to magical fantasies. It should come as no surprise then that here Brighton employ semi-precious and even precious gemstones such as amethyst, onyx, topaz, and garnet.

The mystery blends well with the general classic appearance, endowing the rings with another dimension, and making them among the most mature of all Brighton compositions. If some of the other Brighton jewelry clearly appeals to younger audiences, the rings clearly transcend age differences.

Copyright Brighton
Copyright Brighton


The three basic designs on offer include strictly alloy, gemstone based, and a combination of alloy with gems. Let's examine each of these types more closely.

  • Metallic rings rely on ornament for decoration: it can be etched scrollwork, or heavier, pierced work – but no ring is without one. Particularly interesting are the coiled serpentine models, because they deviate from the basic round shape, and, showing open ends, may evoke a surprising sense of danger, or intimidation.

  • Gemstone rings feature a thin metallic frame that holds the base of the gem, allowing it to rise over the finger, and, in a way, announce itself. Such expressive, deeply colored stones as onyx and topaz command attention, and require a strong and mature character as a reliable counterpart.

  • Metal and Gem rings, described as “Byzantine” by the manufacturer, take the best of the above described types, and mix them into one potent creation. No space is left untouched, as even the silhouette exhibits a layer of pierced scrollwork. But perhaps the title Brighton gave to one of the collections – “Gothica” – reveals the character of this jewelry best: antique, complex, and secretive.


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