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Brighton Jewelry Set (Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets) Review

Updated on January 8, 2015

Brighton Sets

Sets comprise an important aesthetic milestone in Brighton jewelry because they allow many of the brand's characteristics to amalgamate, and emanate in a more emphatic, memorable fashion. Such qualities as grace, harmony, and richness of ornamentation are reinforced when appearing in a necklace and a pair of earrings that compliment each other.

The majority of Brighton jewelry products can be purchased in sets: the “head to toe” rule applies to this department to the fullest extent (and continues to apply in belts, handbags, and other products). What's more intriguing is that while some of these sets are clearly determined by the brand, others are less so, allowing for the creative collector to engage andn modulate.

Copyright Brighton
Copyright Brighton


Metal made sets are Brighton's most popular in the recent seasons, offering several layers of designs. First is the etched based one, where puffed alloy receives surface ornamentation in the form of scrolls, arabesques, or abstract motifs. The three dimension shape of the jewelry interacts well with the superficial etching.

Second is the trademark openwork and scrollwork, where pieces are pierced in various locations to produce the needed ornament. It's a dramatic design in itself – when recurring in bracelets and earring, the tension achieves sustained stability, creating a certain mood that present people won't be able to ignore.

Third is the French wire design, an extension of the previous one, but in a more attenuated rendition (accentuated by the miniature, delicate crystal drops dangling here and there).


Brighton treat their crystals gently, avoiding big risks that Lia Sophia, for instance, take readily. Sets that incorporate Swarowski crystals or gems display classic elegance that transcends into quiet, understated confidence. The segment of crystal jewelry is less developed than the metallic one, and it remains to see how Brighton enrich their jewelry with these material in future collections.


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